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Reviewed by Tobbe
Special guest: The Generals
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Klubben
Date: November 3rd 2013
The Generals set length: 38 minutes
Annihilator set length: 113 minutes


About 250 fans showed up in Stockholm, Sweden to witness Canadian thrashers Annihilator play for almost two hours. With main man, lead guitarist and second lead vocalist Jeff Waters set for action, playing licks of Chicken And Corn a few times in between the songs, things were running smooth all throughout the show. Tonight's support came from Swedish heavy thrashers The Generals, who played a set that was all right, yet somewhat monotonous for someone who has never heard anything off their albums.

The main act played a rather different set from what I expected. I've seen them play live about five times in as many years and they have on each of those gigs played a higher percentage of newer songs than at tonight's gig. I sensed a double-edged sword on this matter. On one hand, I love the older stuff, still there are loads of great material on the recent releases that deserves attention as well. The crowd felt ecstatic throughout most songs, even during the ballad medley with Phoenix Rising, Sounds Good To Me and Snake In The Grass, although that wasn't my own personal greatest experience tonight.

The atmosphere on stage was awesome, although the gig was delayed due to doubtful hospitality of reluctant Norwegian customs. With impressive and talented entertainer Jeff already mentioned, main vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dave Padden completes this unit after a decade of involvement. Venezuelan born bassplayer Alfredo Campuzano tries his best to deliver rhythms to the guitar players and so does fairly new drummer Mike Harshaw as well, although the latter one still needs some time to get things going closer to perfection.

Annihilator once again proves that they're something to reckon with. I believe most fans on location share that impression and really can't see why the band never totally break through. When standing there watching crushing songs like Ambush, Deadlock and Ultra-Motion close to the end, I just want more of that. I will definitely catch their set in June when they return to this country for a Sweden Rock Festival performance. Until then, 8 chalices to an impressive performance.

Performance: 8 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: No Zone, Ambush, Deadlock, Ultra-Motion and Jeff Waters.
: The ballad medley and the drum solo.

Alison Hell
Knight Jumps Queen
Reduced To Ash
Set The World On Fire
Refresh The Demon
Never, Neverland
No Zone
The Fun Palace
Second To None
I Am In Command
Phoenix Rising /
Sounds Good To Me /
Snake In The Grass
Drum Solo
No Way Out
Smear Campaign
Time Bomb
King Of The Kill

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