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Reviewed by Martin
City: Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue: Amager Bio
Date: 05 November 2010
Set length: 60 minutes


If I was to choose one word to describe Amorphis' gig this night it would be solid. As much as I like this group on record, live Amorphis is one step better. They sure have the songs to put together a very good setlist - as demonstrated this evening - they have the musicians to perform well, and they have a sound engineer to die for.

As if this isn't enough, they have a singer/growler of the utmost quality in Tomi Juotsen. There is quite the number of occasions during the concert that I simply stand stupefied by what this guy can achieve vocally - from the deepest growls to the clearest clean-singing - his performance is top-notch.

Songwise Amorphis have quite the catalogue to choose from having been active since 1992 when the single Amorphis came out, and although the band has shifted focus from the more death metal oriented music in the beginning of the band's carrier to the more melancholy majestic metal on the younger releases they still have maintained that special mark that separates them from other bands.

Performancewise Amorphis really demonstrates that they are good performers - the guitar playing by Esa Holopainen and Tomi Koivusaari is just beautiful adding that special melancholy touch ever so often, as well as shredding furiously on other occasions.

The rhythm section of Niclas Etelävuori on bass and Jan Rechberger is a wonder of stability, and I also very much like the fact that the bass is very audible, at times a little too much. Santeri Kallio on keys does his thing amicably without sticking out too much.

Soundwise Amorphis is top-notch. I freely admit that Amager Bio is the perfect place for this band as the room's made for a good sound - the band sound just beautiful. A nice fat bottom end, good volume and yet every instrument is heard clearly. This is the thing that makes the concert go over from good to excellent.

The one thing I think the band could have done different is to have played a longer set - one hour is a little too short. Other than this I'm very satisfied with what I witnessed this evening.

7 chalices of 10


Silver Bride
Sky Is Mine
Towards and Against
The Castaway
Song Of The Troubled One
Exile Of The Sons Of Uisliu
From The Heaven Of My Heart
The Smoke
Black Winter Day
House Of Sleep
My Kantele

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