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Reviewed by Thomas
Special guest: Týr
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Musikens Hus
Date: 31 January 2007
Tyr set length: 40 minutes
Amon Amarth set length: 70 minutes



Týr is such an unusual thing as a band from the Faeroe Islands, and they are successfully making metal out of their heritage on their albums. Therefore, the metallized folk inspired hymns and traditional songs sounded perfect as opener for Amon Amarth, but it was not as exciting live as on paper I am afraid.

Cosy is a word that came to mind while I watched them, possibly not the effect they was searching for with their live-performance I am sure, but I couldn't help but getting the feeling. With the songs that are faster, and in this case fast means just above the mid-tempo mark, it worked great. Regin Smidur and the Irish-drinking song sounding Wild Rover was just what Týr could have had more of. The songs were often too slow and with no stage charisma from the guys in the band, it actually got a bit boring at times. And the ending with Ramund Hin Unge as last song was something you would have wanted more of, as it wasn't until then it finally became better then simply good. Moreover, when Amon Amarth entered the stage Týr's performance paled in comparison, the stage presence, the tightness, the charisma, and practically everything made it clear that Týr has yet a long way to go as a live act.

4 chalices of 10

SETLIST: (might be slightly incorrect)
Regin Smidur
The Wild Rover
Hail To The Hammer
Ramund Hin Unge


Amon Amarth

50 kilometres. That is how far it is between Amon Amarth's base and Gothenburg where they played this evening. 15 years. That is how long it took for Amon Amarth to travel the distance.

In some sense it was a historical night as it was the first, but I damn sure hope it was not the last, time for Amon Amarth to play in Gothenburg. In addition, when they came to Gothenburg it was to a sold out venue they arrived. My expectations on Amon Amarth this evening were set sky high, and they did not quite manage to fully live up to them, but I would be lying if I said I was disappointed. They started with a good intensity and kept bashing out those great riffs throughout the entire time and you can rest assured that dull and slow moments are things that Amon Amarth deliver nothing of. Sound-wise it was rather good I think, although I cannot really tell for sure since at the time my right ear was infected with some shit and I could not really hear that well with it, but apart from the fact that the microphone messed up in one song the concert went along according to plans I assume.

Vocalist Johan Hegg makes a really great frontman, his voice sounded splendid and you damn well listen when he sings and with small gestures he knows how to get the crowd to play along. Although that did not seem to be any problem since the packed venue seemed to be enjoying the set from Amon Amarth highly, as well as the band seemed to be enjoying the reception from the crowd. The guys in Amon Amarth ought to be having some rather strong neck-muscles from their extensive headbanging, and to see the four guys at the front of the stage in simultaneously propeller headbanging gets rather striking. If one were to complain you could say that it might become repetitive and the songs might sound too much of the same, but if you ask me Amon Amarth has found something brilliant with their sound, and if it sounds well, why not make good use of it? That the band now has some years behind them becomes obvious as they are acting confident and looking comfortable on stage, not least in contrast to opening band Týr. Perhaps there were a few flaws but the guitars were practically perfectly nailed and the solo-parts came out well even if it is the mighty riffs I like Amon Amarth the most for. Those riffs are probably the mightiest to come out of a guitar with the exception of Tony Iommi.

The setlist did not offer much of a surprise, luckily I should say since they more or less nailed the best songs from their three latest releases. And talking about heavy riffs, Pursuit Of Vikings is the most anticipated and further the most appreciated song the band has ever made. I would not like to say that the crowd had been exactly calm until this point, which is the first song of the encore, but now things could not have been better at any point of view. Great song, great performance, great audience, too bad it would end shortly after that though. Versus The World ended the concert and here lies my biggest and I guess only objection, the concert was to short. After only 70 minutes it was time to head on home, I had expected at least 20 minutes more.

6 chalices of 10

SETLIST: (might be slightly incorrect)
Valhall Awaits Me
Runes To My Memory
Death In Fire
Fate Of Norns
Thousand Years Of Oppression
With Oden On Our Side
An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm
Cry Of The Blackbirds
The Last With Pagan Blood
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
Gods Of War Arise
Pursuit Of Vikings
Versus The World

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