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Mat: First of all I just want to say thanx for agreeing to this interview :-). For starters - can you in short just tell us something about how and when Wolf was formed and if there's been some changes in what you had in mind since the beginning. Did it start out just as a hobby-project or did you at once decide to really go for it?

  • Nick: Ever since I was a kid I've always played music for my own enjoyment and I'm sure it goes for the other members of the band also. When we realized that we had found something good we knew that we were going to make an album.
    We didn't have a record deal but we started to make songs for an album to be and was quite conviced that some record company would be interested.
    We're still playing music mainly for our own enjoyment but of course we are really going for it. It's greater fun to play at Wacken than at the local pub with old laidies telling us that we suck! It has happened, you know...

Mat: I know you have an up-coming gig as support to Paul DiAnno at Anchor, Stockholm on March 3:rd and this sounds like a killer-concert if any.But was it Paul DiAnno himself who chose you as support due to your Iron Maiden influences, or did it happen in any other way?

  • Nick: It was Jenny Walroth from the record company who had the connections, and to be honest I have no clue how we ended up supporting Paul DiAnno. What can I say... It's a dream come true.

Mat: The tour with Pain is obviously over but besides the gig with DiAnno you're also playing in Sandviken the day before. But do have any other gigs planned in Sweden? If not at the moment anything in the nearest future and do you even have a longer tour abroad planned as well? And if that should be the case - with which other band/bands? Any festival gigs even?

  • Nick: We're going to play at Sweden Rock Festival in June and there is of course Wacken in August. We are ready and eager to go on tour but have had some problems concerning the bookings lately so I really don't know what will happen in the near future.
    If any of you readers have any suggstions for gigs or tours you're very welcome to write us at wolf@wolf.nu.

Mat: And continuing on the subject: What would your ideal tour-partner/partners be if you could choose anyone you wanted and why them?

  • Nick: Paul DiAnno is great, because he has inspired us so much with his work with Iron Maiden.
    Judas Priest, Halford, Blaze, Iron Maiden, King Diamond or Mercyful Fate shouldn't that bad either. We very much would like to play live as much as possible and if we can support some of our childhood heroes at the same time, it would be a great bonus!

Mat: Your new release Black Wings is a real killer in my opinion, but what are the overall reactions from fans and critics so far?
Is this in accordance to what you expected or is there even something you couldn't foresee? Of course you can't anticipate everything but has there been any surprises or such on this matter?

  • Nick: We really didn't know what the reactions would be. The debut had great reviews, but this album isn't as catchy as the debut so I was prepared for lower grades, even though this certanly is a better album if you listen to it closely.
    I'm very pleased that this album have received even better reviews by most people than our first album.

Mat: What are your own feelings regarding Black Wings? Are you content with the result or is there anything you would like to change? If so, can we expect some of that on your next release?

  • Nick: Concerning the songwriting we are still very pleased. We worked hard and did our best to do a better album than the last one in less time. When it was finnished I think that we succeded, so I am very pleased. My main concern now is to make the next album better than this one. No rest for the wicked...

Mat: You're also having regular jobs on the side but do you plan to try to make a livin' on music alone in the future? And if that should be the case does this only involve Wolf or are there also any side projects you want to realize?

  • Nick: We all have some side projects that we try to make happen, but so far none of us had had the time. I wouldn't mind making a living on our
    music as long we still had the artistic freedom that we have today. But we do music that we like ourselves and not music that we think will sell. If we did, we probably would make really, really bad records. But hey, really bad music seems to sell really well...

Mat: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • Nick: This must be the first interview that didn't involve the cover art of the first album!

That was all I had for now, Nick - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!


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