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New Yorkers Speed\Kill/Hate definitely face the pain and crumble the walls of hate with serious impact. I had the distinct priviledge to spend some quality time with founding member and guitarist David Linsk and overdrill him with some pernicious questions.

MettleAngel: Why did you decide to form Speed\Kill/Hate?

  • David: While writing for Overkill I created some really great songs which they were not interested in hearing at that time. I thought it was a shame to waste such quality compositions because of publishing issues, so I decided to form my own band. We recorded the CD over a weekend and Tim Mallare from Overkill helped lay down the drum tracks.

MettleAngel: Why did you choose Mario as your vocalist?

  • David: He's my friend and singer from my other band Anger On Anger. I considered getting Gary Meskil from Pro Pain but realized that Mario's vocal style fit perfect with the music I was writing.

Who are some of your primary thrash influences?

  • David: All the standards, man. Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Pantera...

MettleAngel: What's a more obscure thrash influence?

  • David: How about Vio-lence or Forbidden.

MettleAngel: No, let me rephrase that, I'm referring to an obscure metal band with whom many fans may not be too familiar.

  • David: I really like Overdose from Brazil.

MettleAngel: Yeah, they were better than Sepultura back in the day, since early Sepultura borrowed heavily from Sodom & Destruction, before creating their own sound with "Beneath The Remains".

  • David: If you were to ask me what I listen to today, it would be the same stuff I was listening to way back then. I used to have an excellent collection of cassettes with all my favorite bands, but unfortunately they fell out of my car and were never recovered. I definitely collected artists on the Schrapnel label, like Vinnie Moore and Steve Howe.

MettleAngel: Did you ever hear Steeler with Ron Keel and Yngwie Malmsteen?

  • David: Hell yeah! When I did my guitar solo for Yngwie tonight, that's what I originally wanted to play!

MettleAngel: What about some of your death metal influences?

  • David: I love the debut by Fear Factory "Soul Of The New Machine".

MettleAngel: Yeah me too, that and the debut by Brutal Truth. Who would you love to open for on your "Dream Tour"?

  • David: Slayer, Testament, Exodus!

MettleAngel: What message do you hope to impart to your fans?

  • David: The goal of this band is impact, it's all about impact.

MettleAngel: What about those harsh and disgruntled vocals performed by Mario?

  • David: Mario sings pure and authentic, not like those death growl cookie - cutter and paste bands. I like being labelled as "thrash core". We like to change it up musically. I feel Speed\Kill/Hate is a viable product for today's metal market. Mario keeps our sound from becoming undated.

MettleAngel: I see your point, after all, who can forget the groundbreaking vocal effort by Chuck Billy on Testament's "Low".

  • David: Hell yeah, "Demonic" is one of my favorite CDs, now that's thrash!

MettleAngel: Gene Hoglan, Steve DiGiorio, James Murphy, what a great combination of death and thrash. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about your band and not so much about your life with Overkill.

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