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Tommy: What are your feelings towards the new release "Only Human" that is due for release in late Feb? What kind of new angels/developments - if any - has taken place since the previous realease?

  • O. Lenk: We believe that this cd is a killer. We like all our other cds as well but this one is our best piece of work so fare. But you won`t find any ABBA coversong on this cd .......we have a nice surprise instead. Sascha Peath from Heavensgate Studio did the mix at this cd (he is former known for his work with Rhapsody).
    It is the first cd under our new label AFM and we are thankfull for their support. We already received great feedbacks from France. We feel that this cd will be our breakthrough. I wrote all songs at this cd apart from "the time has come" spending many nights at my studio. If you like At Vance you will love this cd.

Tommy: How does it look on the solo-career front at the moment? How many members are currently involved in a project on the side besides you, Olaf - if any - and in that case: are there some albums sheduled in a near future?

  • O. Lenk: Rainald is working at his Confront project he is involved in for quite some time. He is negotiating with some record companys so I hope we hear from this pretty soon. Our new bass guitar player Sacscha Feldmann is also involved in a side project named Psyched.

Tommy: Will the upcoming european tour consist of any Scandinavian dates or will you mainly tour midEurope, and will there be any festival shows during the summer of 2002? If not - what is the reason for that, and how do you feel about it?

  • O. Lenk: We tour with Rhapsody as support.....in other words we had no influence in the choice of the countries. We have a lot of Scandinavien fans and we love to play there. So keep working on it. We want to play festivals as well, but I don`t know which ones yet. Our homepage (www.At-Vance.com) keeps track with informations about festivals as soon as we know more.

Tommy: The fact that you are touring with Rhapsody shortly after the new release gives some feeling that it can be a real killershow. What are your feelings about this - have you had any cooperation with Rhapsody before? And are there other groups joining for this tour?

  • O. Lenk: We are looking forward to play with them. We will give our best and yes it should be great. We waited so long to have the opportunity to tour that we are really excited. To tour with Rhapsody is a real honour for us. They are a great band. I think Angeldust will join the tour.

Tommy: What impact does the fact that Jochen Schnur recently left the band - for personal reasons - have to the band? Will it cause any complications before the tour, or do you have everything under control?

  • O. Lenk: I have some more news for you. Ulli Müller and At Vance decided to go seperate ways as well. In other words he is out because he wasn`t much of a big help in the studio. But yes I got everything under control. Sascha Feldmann is the new bass guitar player of At Vance. He is a 21 year old german guy and he is very promising. He is very young and if he keeps track he has a very bright future ahead of him. Nobody misses Jochen Schnur or Ulli Müller at all. They are more into playing covermusic. And I think that is where they belong.

Tommy: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • O. Lenk: ---

That was all I had for now, Olaf - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!


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