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Mat: First of all I just want to congratulate you to a very promising debut-release with Book I- Iostros. How has the album been received in the Metal world and how are your feelings regarding this?

  • Felix: Thank you very much. The feedback of the record was very positive and we're very glad about the good reactions of the Metal underground. There are many fan- and internetzines who liked Book I and wrote a cool review or a nice interview, even some of the bigger ones did so. This helped us to sell a lot of copies (for our relation) especially to mailorders and find a distributor for Book I for South America. Also we got our first deal with the swedish label MFE regarding Book II. This all is more than we've expected before, so we would like to see what will happen in the future.

    Stefan: I don't have to add a thing, as I bought Book I in a local record shop - because I liked it a fucking lot.

Mat: On the album you didn't have a real drummer but instead used a drum machine (which still sounds pretty cool by the way :-)). Has this void in the band been filled with a new member or are you still looking?

  • Felix: Oh yes, it was a hard thing to make the sound as inconspicuous as possible. But we have a real drummer now. And we had much luck to find him, because he's a really good man, at the drums and in general. It's a funny story: He bought Book I, heard the programmed drums and sent a shortmassage to Christoph, one of our guitarists, who's number is listed in the credits of the record. It was something like "You need a drummer? Here I am!"

    Stefan: Right now, the lineup is complete - and it works great on stage, as everybody unchains such an enthusiasm - even in rehearsals. It's like "Yeah, just rock and have a beer (or a coke - sorry chris :) ...

Mat: According to your website you're due for your live-debut in March. Where will this event take place and do you have a tour planned as well? In that case, will it be just Logar's Diary or with some other band too? And if so, which one?

  • Felix: Well, we had our first gig in April. But it was no 'real' gig. We invited a lot of friends and played for them the whole Book I. It was very cool, but nevertheless it was more a party with friends and beer than anything else. So we played our first real gig at the 'Bands-Battle'-Festival in Stavenhagen (D). It was a lot of fun on and in front of the stage, so I think it was a good live-debut. We have no tour planned yet, but if someone gives us the possibility of a good tour-package, we will join it.

    Stefan: The first gig Felix mentioned was really cool - a big party with friends & family - we had much time for the soundcheck and the stage setup. In Stavenhagen at the Bands-Battle it was the opposite: no soundcheck; no time - but a very intense gig. It was a good experience and you know, when a death/thrash/black-metal orientated crowd like there freaks out listening to power metal, we seem to be on the right way.....

Mat: On your homepage I also read that Book II will be called The Forgotten City. I assume from this that the journey continues. But is this just a temporary name or is it the final one?

  • Felix: Yes, the journey of Logar & S'kirrel will continue in this one. "The Forgotten City" is a work-title, but it could be that it becomes the official title, because the adventures will take place in a very special city of the Earthdawn-universe…

Mat: And remaining on this subject: Do you have any new tracks written for this one already and is there a preliminary release date? What are your feelings towards this new release and are there any new angles or developments taking place? Basically, is there
anything at all that you can tell us in this area ?

  • Felix: The most songs for Book II are nearly completely composed. We plan to enter the studios in August and hope to finish the recordings as soon as possible. But it's very hard to name a concrete Date, because we work with a company for the first time and want to put all our gained experience in Book II. The performance has to be better than on Book I , also the sound, we have a real drummer now… and I'm a little perfectionist in such things. In my opinion, it is very important to make a new record better than the one before. The songs will have more parts than before, the medieval feeling will become a little stronger, but not too much, because the songs must rock. Definitely Book II will be longer than Book I.

    Stefan: The main thing about recording is, that we do not rehearse the songs before the studio - everybody learns his part and then it all comes together. I hope that it'll work out fine, as we're recording in different studios - but as always: something's gonna happen on the way !!
    Having recorded this MANOWAR - coversong for some sort of sampler, I think we'll do fine on BOOK II.

Mat: Besides the other mentioned stuff, are there any other things going on the band right now? Are there any other big events planned in a near future?

  • Felix: Well, we think about specialising our live-show with some gimmicks, magic tricks, fire, etc., but our focus is complete on recording Book II.

    Stefan: After the recordings we'll have to come together to see what is possible to do onstage. I personally think, that we are doing more pyros and show than KISS....*biglaugh*

Mat: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • Felix: I want to thank all the people we met on our way so far and who gave us a chance and listened to Book I. There are many excellent underground bands in the world that are worth to be listened to, in every special metal-style. Thank you for the interwiev.

    Stefan: Thanx for now, and be prepared - Logar's journey has only just begun.

That was all I had for now, Felix/Stefan - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!


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