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Interview conducted March 14 2008
Interview published March 17 2008

Perhaps a dark cloud reigns over me? Does the eye of mercy or fate gaze upon my own fatal portrait? This Wednesday, March 12 a dear family member moved on. He won't be buried in a graveyard; because, he exists forever in our memories. I'll be gallant knowing this; but still the revenge of deadly lullabyes linger. Them Ides Of March haunt like an evermoving conspiracy. I often feel spite, or I struggle to overcome my illness and mercurial mindset.

When an opportunity to converse with King Diamond arose, I instantly seized the moment. Even though I suffer from fever, I was not going to cancel this appointed discussion. This was the event to ensure my being Happier Than God. Providentially, the winter storm also affected Mr. Kim Bendix Petersen's house in Dallas, Texas. His damaged furnace led to us rescheduling. This was a true godsend!

One week transpired. I continued to feel depressed, under the weather, and constantly frustrated; yet, I braced myself, and prepared to engage in an active conversation with King, who, thankfully, did most of the talking. Give me your sole attention, please; and enjoy the discourse. All hail the King! He is a tormented genius: a diamond in the rough, whose back injury may have stymied his talent, temporarily; but, the Master purports to please fans during the hiatus, prepared for better times ahead.

  • King Diamond: Hi Michael, how are you today?

MettleAngel: Well, actually I'm a bit down due to a tragic, sudden death in our family. I'm still feeling quite ill. I did not want to cancel this interview though, as we had to postpone the previous one, because of your broken furnace, last week.

  • King Diamond: I'm sincerely sorry for you loss. The snow storm was a real issue when my furnace gave out at 11:00 PM. I spent all this time up in the attic trying to fix it. I was not able to sleep all night. It was a mess, I tell you.

MettleAngel: (Laughs) Up in the attic; sleepless nights, ha, ha... this is a good way to break the tension with a bit of humour; even if unintentional. I can imagine how much snow you encountered, we were hit hard by the storm here as well.

  • King Diamond: Where are you calling from again, Michael?

MettleAngel: I am here in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the blizzard last Friday buried us.

  • King Diamond: Yes, Ohio was in terrible shape. Now, here in Dallas, it's 90 degrees, imagine that, only one week later!

MettleAngel: Weather, like people is ambivalent and mercurial. I can relate to this on more than one level. Let's discuss your back injury, given this debilatating circumstance, is there any chance of rescheduling the cancelled US tour? I was so anticipating the tour last year which was originally booked for this April with Kreator, Leaves' Eyes, & Cellador.

  • King Diamond: Yes, that was cancelled, as were all confirmed shows. We won't make plans, now until my back is alright. This is hard to predict, unless by some miracle my back just pops into place. I'm 50% better now than I was. If there were 75 steps to go - I'm at 50. My progress is steady. I'm using a special mattress. I refuse to take painkillers. Narcotics would only mess me up in my recovery. I still can't sit on a couch or go out to a restaurant. I walk around and exercise. My left leg is improving. When I first felt the injury my leg looked like a concentration camp victim.

MettleAngel: With so much time on your hands, given your bad back, does this allow for more time to write and create?

  • King Diamond: Well, I can't sit down and play guitar which is very frustrating. This whole injury has become the biggest test of my will power and patience. The only way to look is forward. Not being able to play music really affects me, because the ideas are always circling in my head. Until I hurt my back, I never had a serious injury - knock on wood - all this is so difficult for me.

MettleAngel: I can only imagine what you must be going through. I can identify with being limited physically, in one's creative abilities and recreation. The pain must be immense, that combined with not being able to write, would really cause me to "lose it". I'm confident, given your good nature, that some good will come out of all this testing and travail?

  • King Diamond: Well, all this down time has allowed me to sift through some old "bootleg" quality Mercyful Fate and King Diamond material which will hopefully please fans during the duration.

MettleAngel: Wow, some vintage Mercyful Fate and King Diamond material would definitely please old fans like myself, and new fans alike.

  • King Diamond: The Mercyful Fate material was filmed before we were signed, and the King Diamond footage is quite rare. Brian Slagel has seen the prints, and he feels that it's good quality. There's screenings from a free concert in Copenhagan shot with five cameras in broad daylight. This is the time when Andy LaRoque smashed his guitar in anger; similar to the Anaheim experience.

MettleAngel: That sounds killer! I sure look forward to seeing both acts. What do you think of all the youger audience getting into the classic King Diamond material? They have discovered your music by listening to the artists who are heavily influenced by both your bands. Some through Black Metal musicians, others from bands like Widow, or even All That Remains, whose guitarists are influenced by yours' and Andy's style.

  • King Diamond: I'm so amazed with the loyalty and support of our fans, some who are as young as 13 years old, standing in the front row. This gives me such a good feeling and a definite reason to continue. King Diamond has never bent to any trends; our style is timeless and straight from the heart.

MettleAngel: You are a genius! You create amazing music and involved characters. I've always considered you the Stephen King of metal with so many amazing stories unfolding.

  • King Diamond: Thank you! King Diamond is about the music. We never jumped on any band wagon, industrial, glam, or grunge. Everything I write is very personal to me in so many ways.

MettleAngel: I've always been amazed with your vocal style and your ability to create such character nuances, with a certain vocal style.

  • King Diamond: The voices don't always come naturally. It's not neccessarily a technical ability to create the different voices. I owe a great deal to my engineer J.T. Longoria. He assists with the "twists" in each character.

MettleAngel: I love your vocals, they are so unique and so prismatically conceptual. Tell me a little bit about your involvement with Kevin Smith and "Clerks II".

  • King Diamond: That was a lot of fun. I did not expect them to do this so well, and yet the movie was so funny. They really showed me their dedication and appreciation. Jason Mews love King Diamond.

MettleAngel: I love the scene when they re-enacted scenes from Them, freaking out the younger kid. I love how King Diamond is becoming known through the work of Kevin Smith.

  • King Diamond: The first movie was great, but the sequel - in color - was just so funny. I'm glad I could be a part of it all!

MettleAngel: Speaking of movies, are you familiar with a motion picture called "The Messengers"?

  • King Diamond: No, I don't believe so.

MettleAngel: It's a really good movie and amazingly similar to the story line of Give Me Your Soul... Please.

  • King Diamond: Oh, really?

MettleAngel: I'm not suggesting they borrowed from you; actually the movie was released on DVD the same month as your new CD. It is striking how similar the plot is with the 'haunted kids'. It's like the Cliff Notes for the Give Me Your Soul...album. People who are confused about your concept could learn a lot. I know you wrote your story and it's very subjective and personal. This movie merely provides more insight into the overall phenomena.

  • King Diamond: I'll have to look into that..."The Messengers", you say? Give Me Your Soul... is very personal and really speaks to me. I'm staring into the very mirror from the cover while I pet Magic, my cat.

Wow, I just got chills....now that is haunting!

  • King Diamond: No, it is reality. This is my first concept in present time. I did not use terms like "would" or "could", I want the presence to be felt as here and now. These children are facing a real dilemma. The sister knows the truth; the boy is still confused. The 13 judges make a mistake - a holy error! The sister has to take matters into her own hands. Diamond's Soul is corrupt - she does not want or need that. She has the power to move to the house. This is real time. I read of a recent murder/suicide in the news. This is why we use the newspaper image in the new video.

MettleAngel: Speaking of the new video, how has the response been for this?

  • King Diamond: The first week was amazing with such positive response. This is a low-budget deal, not like Welcome Home, where we had catering, and a huge set piece. Given the music business, those who worked on the new video gave it their all. They did so much more than what the label paid for, and for this I am so grateful. They are fans who went over and above the call of duty.

MettleAngel: I noticed some similarity to Sleepless Nights in the video as well...

  • King Diamond: Well, it is in black and white. Yes, we are very happy with the new video, even though times have changed.

MettleAngel: King, you always keep it real, and the new album is no exception. I think with each subsequent release you have grown and matured, you are on your own spiritual journey to discover the real truth- the hidden meaning: gnosis. This is what I call a voracity for veracity: a hunger for truth.

  • King Diamond: Yes, I still struggle; I am so misunderstood. When people call me a Satanist, I ask what that essentially means to them.

I know, there are so many misunderstandings to your beliefs. Some of my friends don't like you vocals and I respect that, but to not listen to you because you are a Satanist, and to not know what that entails; this to me is just plain ignorant. I really respect your values. I know when you are coming from spiritually and musically. You don't proselytise in your writing or music. You express such intimate soul searching.

  • King Diamond: All my music is personal and based on my beliefs. Even Mercyful Fate is based on folk, myth, and legends. More and more I allow my own life to evolve in my storytelling. I had a wolf named Angel like on House Of God. I had a crazy Grandma, oh the stories I could tell you Michael!

MettleAngel: It is my dream to meet you in person and wax poetic. We have so much in common. I know you respect Lavey, are you familiar with Ayn Rand?

  • King Diamond: I met Anton Lavey's daughter, I have such a passion for this Church.

MettleAngel: I think Ayn's writing even influenced Lavey as much as Nietzche.

  • King Diamond: Oh really, wow Michael, you do know a great deal about all of this, we do share similar beliefs and more. You agree that we do what thou wilt to uphold the whole of the law. I'm a good person, I don't practice animal sacrifices, I could never harm another being. I hope to come to Ohio and meet you as well. It has been fun speaking with you. My condolences again for your loss.

MettleAngel: Yes, speaking with you has raised my emotional level, as well. It is such an honour and privilege. I truly want to converse with you in person. Incidentally, my family on my Grandfather's is from Copenhagen, Denmark. You have been such a major influence in my life for two decades. Thank you again from my heart to yours!

  • King Diamond: You are most welcome! A fellow Dane, now we really must meet.

MettleAngel: Definitely! Thank You again for everything!

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