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Before Helloween entered the stage to play on Arenan in Stockholm on the 30th of November 2005, our photographer Michael took the chance to ask the band's bass player, Markus Grosskopf, a few questions.

Michael: How are you?

  • Markus: Pretty good, i went downtown today, you got some nice vintage shops downtown in the city, I bought like a little guitar for in the back in the buss. It's like an acustic guitar, only smaller.

Michael: Helloween released a new album in 2005 (Keeper of the Seven Keys Part III: The Legacy). Were you worried that the fans wouldn't accept a new Keeper album without Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen?

  • Markus: Not so much. It wasn't clear that it was going to be called Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy before the mix. We waited till every song were recorded and ready to be heard by us. When the whole package was actually finished we were listening to everything, deciding if we call it a Keeper album. We thought it was strong enough to be called that. There was people asking us and begging us to get Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske in, but then we wanted to show that this lineup is strong enough to do this on our own. It would be nice to have them on this, but then they are leaving and taking apart of it with them away. It would be very easy, it's not a challenge to do it with them, it's a bigger challenge to do it on our own with the lineup we got now and i think it's strong enough to be called Keeper. The challenge was to create a spirit, the first and second Keeper had a spirit of it's own. To create a new spirit for the third Keeper we wanted to make it different thats why we put a second long song like Occasion Avenue on it. We wouldn't be Helloween if we tried to copy, we just make things different. So this one can stand on its own as well as be a part of that Keeper Story but just in a different way.

Michael: How has the new album been received?

  • Markus: Pretty good so far. Some say that we got the right to call it a Keeper: The Legacy, but it's not more nor less then the predesessors. Some says it's greater than I and II, some says it's alright, but at least no body says it shouldn't be called a Keeper album.

Michael: What are your own thoughts about the album?

  • Markus: I think it's great, it sound more modern. You can hear that we put all our energy into this. It's different when we start composing, you have to clear your head and focus.

Michael: Did you compose any of the songs?

  • Markus: Yes, My life for one more day is composed by me. You are pretty close to things you do yourself so you can't really judge it. You should be very critical and that is sometimes very hard on your own compositions.

Michael: : Who do you trust to judge?

  • Markus: I trust my band fellows, I trust Charlie Bauerfeind, the producer.

Michael: How will you continue now, will there be a 4th Keeper record?

  • Markus: It's a bit early to to think about the next step. Who knows?

Michael: Sanctuary will re-release Helloweens earlier works ("Walls of Jericho" (1985 - double CD), "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I" (1987 -single CD), "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II" (1988 - double CD), "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" (1991 - single CD), which also will contain certain bonus tracks and rarities. What might those racks be?

  • Markus: I don't know, you tell me! :) I can't remember having any unreleased tracks, maybe they found something, i don't know :)

Michael: How do you look on touring in general these days? You have been doing it for over two decades now and is it always funny or do you some days see it more like a "day on the job"? There must have been times when you absolutely did not feel like performing, how do you do to motivate yourself those days your not feeling like playing?

  • Markus: It's not always funny, you get home sick from time to time, not yet but it's only three weeks for now but after 2-3 months i'll probably talk different about it. I'm trying to find little homes all over the world, Stockholm is a wonderful city, I feel really good being here, I went out really early, it was a nice sunny day. If you like to watch the sun in Stockholm on this time of the year you have to go up like 10 or 11. I had a quick shower, a little breakfast, went down town visiting my vintage guitar shops, had a coffe, went to the old city. This is what I'm calling having lots of little homes around the world, that makes me feel better.

Michael: Have you realised what you started 20+ years ago? The Power metal genre would not have been like it is today if it weren't for Helloween, How does it feel like being one of the biggest, first and genre-defining band?

  • Markus: It makes me proud, I'm lucky that I'm still there, on stage, on tour. We just don't stop, we find ways to figure problems out. it's not only fun and rock 'n' roll all the time, there is some complicated matters but you try to keep the whole thing together.

Michael: Are there certain songs you (the band) are personally a bit sick and tired of playing but you do anyway because the fans more or less "demand" to hear during concerts?

  • Markus: Not really, not now. Maybe it's a different answer in 2-3 months :)

Michael: : How do you spend your spare-time? Any hobby activities when your not doing anything Helloween related?

  • Markus: I like to produce bands, I did a small rock n roll band called Kick Hunter, also played bass on a record. There is also a small Portugisian band. But that's what I'd like to do. I'm a good cook, I invite friends to my home and cook food. :)

Michael: What is the one question that you never got during an interview but you wish you had?

  • Markus: What would you do with all the money from your number 1 hit?

Michael: And what is the answer to the question?

  • Markus: Buying a shrimping boat and invite my soundguy, my friend for fishing :)

Michael: : Thank you very much for your time and good luck on your tour!


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