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Interview conducted May 27 2008
Interview published June 01 2008

I was so excited to again finally speak with the Hellhound of my alliance: Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer, about the rebirth of Headhunter. Surprisingly, we even briefly discussed his work on the new Destruction release: D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N., due later this fall. Schmier had been bombarded by a myriad of interviews all week, trapped in his own mistreated reality; including, being stuck in heavy duty traffic, while only home for one day. He has really had his back to the wall, but he took the time to initiate the calling of yours truly, so we could touch base on the latest concerns.

After all, it was only a few years ago, when we first met, that I let him know what a parody my life had become, and I was very curious to know if he would ever record another Headhunter album. Finally, he has served to ease my pain, by creating: Parasite Of Society. This new bizarre offering, is no accident, and it is an awesome release from agony. So enjoy the time well spent with the cursed god of thrash anthems.

MettleAngel: Hey Brother, it is so cool to finally speak with you again, after all these years. I know how busy you are with promoting the new Headhunter album, so I'll try not to take up too much of your time. Are you finally home?

  • Schmier: Yes, but I am only here for the day. Actually, I will fly out tomorrow to be with the Soviets, and do press and listening parties for the new Destruction album. I'm actually having to promote both bands, simultaneously, depending where I am. Headhunter is out in Europe, but not in the States. Destruction will be out later this fall. AFM has been really demanding on my time.

MettleAngel: So you have already finished the final mix for the new Destruction release?

  • Schmier: Definitely, It has been a real tight schedule. There was so much pressure to finish the Destruction CD, we almost had to scrap the Headhunter album, altogether. This is not something I was willing to do.

MettleAngel: I'm so glad that you did not. I have been excited about the new Headhunter, ever since I heard about it in March.

  • Schmier: I'm glad we were able to do both, although, most people are not as familiar with Headhunter's history. They are not even aware of the other three albums we already recorded years ago. The label just did not meet our expectations, so Headhunter was delayed. I've been so damn stressed out over all this shit.

MettleAngel: I'm glad you re-issued those first three titles, as they are so damn rare. You offered them for a mid-price, which is cool too. I paid like $40 for a used copy of Parody Of Life like 15 years ago. I love that album, which Kai Hansen produced and on which he played guitar. Do you actually recall when we last me on the US Destruction tour, I told you how much I really enjoyed all the Headhunter albums. You were amazed an American knew so much about your Post-Destruction recordings. I even highly encouraged you to record another album, and now you have!

  • Schmier: Yes, I remember that, you interviewed me on the tour bus with your girlfriend in Ohio, right?

MettleAngel: You mean Wendy, my wife, yes you do remember, I must have made quite an impression. You claimed that I should be writing for Metal Maniacs, and now I am actually a contributing writer for BW&BK (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles).

  • Schmier: That is great, but I already did an interview with them...

MettleAngel: Oh I know, so this will be read by visitors to Metal Covenant, where I reviewed Thrash Anthems for you last year.

  • Schmier: That was an amusing review. You really know a great deal about Headhunter and Destruction. I'm so glad you now write for BW&BK. I really liked your review of Kataklysm.

MettleAngel: I try to remain active wherever the Metal World will publish my work. You too are a very active person, do you still own the restaurant?

  • Schmier: No, I finally sold that two years ago. When I originally opened it, Destruction had just decided to reform. I had no idea how much work that involved, and how once again Destruction would consume my life. Maybe in the future, I'll open another restaurant, one with less taxes, and stressful management.

MettleAngel: Yeah, Destruction had really served as an impetus in the thrash revival. I really like the newer albums, as well as the older classics. I totally relish the new Headhunter. It is such a blend of the intensity of Parody of Life, with touches of Bizarre Gardening Accident, and Rebirth. There is an excellent blend of raging anthems, and melodic offerings. I also enjoy your cover of Judas Priest - 'Rapid Fire' as the bonus track.

  • Schmier: That was originally intended as a Japanese bonus track, then the label put it on the European release, leaving us with two covers. The Skid Row cover, has been a real pain in our ass! 'Rapid Fire" was really just a mistake in the studio, when we were messing around, having some fun. Our guitarist - Uwe "Schmuddel" Hoffmann, just played the riff, and Jörg Michael matched it on the drums. We then agreed it was the right cover to record.

MettleAngel: So, what's the controversy about the '18 And Life' Skid Row cover? I actually thought that was a killer rendition?

  • Schmier: Well, Destruction fans just don't get it. They think Skid Row are poseurs. Personally, I disagree, but those hardcore fans in Greece and South America don't feel it's metal, and there are obvious political reasons why they dislike that particular song.

MettleAngel: I don't get it, Skid Row are totally Metal! Why do fans always freak out when a bands records a cover outside the norm? Children Of Bodom covered Poison for this very reason, now they are doing Kenny Rogers! Hell, even Hammerfall have covered 'Youth Gone Wild' for their latest release: Masterpieces, due out in June.

  • Schmier: Michael, you are a Headhunter fan, so you know we always have strange covers, and whacky intros for all our CDs. Because I'm also in Destruction, old school fans just won't accept this. They just don't get it, they almost feel betrayed.

MettleAngel: Man, they so need to hear the other Headhunter releases with songs from the 50's Doo Wop era like 'Ramalama', or the Rat Pack style of 'Don't Bogart (That Joint)'! Headhunter always have fun with their cracked hair brain schemes, while doing bizarre covers. On Parasite the opener and closer (after 'Payback Time'), just had me in stitches!

  • Schmier: Exactly, we will do fuckin' Frank Sinatra next time, that will piss everyone off! This is why we even did a new Headhunter album in the first place, so I could step away from Destruction, and rediscover my other band. The three of us always have so much fun recording music together. Jörg claimed that he had the best time in the studio recording Parasite. This is more fun than he has had in over 15 years!

MettleAngel: I can see that. Toward the end, he was just wasting his time with Stratovarius. He's better off in Headhunter. Let Timo Tolkki have his Revolution Renaissance!

  • Schmier: Besides, I really like Skid Row! Maybe their first album was not as heavy, but Slave To The Grind was killer! I really like all their ballads too, those are not that easy to sing, you know!

MettleAngel: Slave was borderline thrash, if you ask me. I, too, love the way Bach sings on the ballads like 'I Remember You', 'Quicksand Jesus', '18 And Life', 'In A Darkened Room', etc. Hell, I even like the last two Skid Row releases without Bach, and Bach's new solo album - Angel Down, was amazing! Bon Jovi may have helped Skid Row gain recognition, but they always kicked ass! Bach's new album is so heavy, because he has seasoned thrashers playing with him, like Steve DiGiorgio, "Metal" Mike Chlasciak, & Bobby Jarzombek, respectively. These dudes know how to rage having played with Rob Halford & Chuck Shuldiner, among others.

  • Schmier: Yeah, no one gives Steve shit for recording on that album, or touring with Bach and playing Wacken. Steve was in Death, Testament, and is still in Sadus! Fucking internet, don't these damn people have anything better to do than fucking complain in chat rooms all day!

MettleAngel: Well, Steve has since left Bach, and the internet does have some redeeming qualities, too. For example, it was because of your My Space page for Headhunter, that I even learned there was a new album in the works. I instantly added Headhunter to my Top 40 Friends, and told all my contacts the good news!

  • Schmier: You are right, that is a good thing, indeed! Sadly, several countries don't use the internet as often as the English speaking nations. This means that they don't get as much exposure to all this information. Man, I've been doing interviews all week, and I'm exhausted. Hell, I've done over 100 in the last few days!

MettleAngel: Wow, over 100, I had no idea! How do you handle that? Man, I'll stop bothering you with this stressful concern. I don't want to harangue you, and keep you from enjoying this conversation.

  • Schmier: Actually, Michael, I really enjoy speaking with you. You make interviews exciting, I'm just complaining because I'm so tired, and I was caught in all this fuckin' traffic just trying to get home so I could call you. I did really want to speak with you, and gauge your reaction to to the new Headhunter. One thing about you, is you won't ask me the same questions, over and over, and you really want to talk about Headhunter.

MettleAngel: Thanks so much brother, yes I do want to really congratulate all three of you on such a great Headhunter release! There is really just one question which I've been wanting to ask you since we last spoke. When you reformed Destruction almost ten years ago, did you ever imagine there would be such a thrash resurgence? Hell, thrash has become the new norm!

  • Schmier: Yes, thrash is really popular now, isn't it? I guess I always knew it was only a matter of time before people would wake up again. Everything goes in circles, this is true with all aspects of life. I'm amazed at the new generation of thrash contenders. There has been quite an influx of young kids coming to our shows. This really makes us all feel good inside!

MettleAngel: Well, you know my friend, you are one of the main reasons for this. You are responsible for this, because, you have stuck to your guns, and remained true to the thrash spirit, over all these years. Destruction set a precedent for honest German thrash. When Destruction went downhill, it was you who carried the torch with Headhunter. I have always respected you for this. I honestly love both bands, as they are very different, but united by your unique vocal presence, and stellar bass gallops. Schmier, thank you so very much for taking the time out of your abundantly compressed schedule to speak with me, on your dime, and on your spare time. I truly appreciate, and so do the fans!

  • Schmier: Thank you too Michael, it is really always fun to converse with you as well. Perhaps, in about six to eight weeks we will speak again and you can tell me what you think of the new Destruction CD. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

MettleAngel: That sounds good, I look forward to that, now please get some rest, and have something to eat! Curse those who don't like Headhunter, god knows you have poured your heart into it, and you deserve all accolades and dutiful respect!

  • Schmier: Thank you so much, I'll relax for now, take care brother!

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