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Tommy: Playing in 4 metalbands like you do - can that work in the long run? How does it work with time and schedules? Is it tricky to make this all go around, or is it actually not so hard?

  • Olaf: It is not so hard, actually I have only two bands, that are Dionysus and Luca Turilli. Treasure Seeker was only a project that was built only
    for making one CD. Lord Byron doesn´t exist any more, so I can concentrate only on this too bands. But I´m just to start anonther band, so lets see....

Tommy: What is actually your mainband nowadays? Is that in fact Dionysus that recently release their first fullength album? If not - do you think you will be forced to choose a band to put more time and effort in soon, or do you think you can/want to keep up this multiple singing for a long while to come?

  • Olaf: I can see no problems with this two bands. I love to sing in both, and I´m pretty sure, that it will work in the future as well. Maybe there will be some problems with tours and concerts, but I don´t think about that now.

Tommy: Tours - how does that work, and than I am thinking about time and schedules? The summer is also coming up, and what happens if different bands want to play different festivals or even on the same one?

  • Olaf: You are right, but I guess we will find a way to make it working.

Tommy: How does it practically work with recordings? Do you spend a few weeks in Italy or Sweden, or are tapes being sent back and forth, and than only a gathering for the actually vocalpart to be recorded?

  • Olaf: With Luca Turilli, he was sending me the pre-production on a CD to rehearse with it. We never rehearsed together. We directly recorded the songs in the studio. But I´m sure, you will hear us playing live after the third album.
    With Dionysus, I fly to Sweden for some rehearsals. But most of the time they have to rehearse without me. We are always sending us the new
    material via internet. Then we put the stuff together and rehearse it in Sweden.

Tommy: Are there any other bands you have played with in your younger years, that we perhaps don't know about - that perhaps even played an other kind of music - or has it always been power metal from day one? Any dreams that you think you will fulfill later on in life - jazz, country?

  • Olaf: Well, my first band was a band the made "german rock" - in german language, that was really no metal. Than I made normal hard rock with my band Lord Byron. With Luca Turilli it is this kind of symphonic metal and with Dionysus it is Power Metal, so I guess all bands have different stiles even if it all is hard music.
    I don´t have special dreams for the future, but I´m pretty sure I will never play jazz or country.....

Tommy: Does this excessive amount of playing in bands mean that you nowadays can live of your music, or do you actually have something on the side to make it go around?

  • Olaf: No my friend. I have to work in a real job as everyone in this world. It would be great if I could live of music, but thats not reality at the
    moment. You know I have a family to feed. And the music brings only some extra money.

Tommy: Do you think it would be possible for you to do a double, or even a triple one night? For example at a festival where Luca Turilli and Dionysus played, and perhaps even a third band? Does the thought seem appealing, or just tiring and stupid?

  • Olaf: I think it is possible, but I don´t wanna force it. Because to play with two or more bands on the same festival means to rehearse with two bands before. And I did it one time to play with two band at the same festival. We reheased with both bands every day, and the result was that I sounded like a pregnant cow for the concerts.

Tommy: And before we end this interview some short questions:

Over or under during sex?
-First over, then under.....
Longer tours or more festivals?
-More festivals...
Amplified or unplugged?
France or Italy for vacation?

Home with a pizza and a movie, or out with the boys?
-It depends on how I feel. Both sounds good to me....
All-time best metalsong?
-Painkiller-Judas Priest
Yes or no when a woman asks you to dance salsa?
-It depends on the woman.
Exhibitionism or modesty?
-What is modesty?
Radio or an instrument on a deserted island?
-Radio. When I´m on a deserted island I would be very interested in some world news.

Tommy: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • Olaf: Hope to meet you all out there on tour.......

That was all I had for now, Olaf - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!

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