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Mat: Could you start with a short introduction of who you are to the readers and briefly tell us of how the band was started and how you all met?

  • Dan: Hello guys, this is Dan Keying from Cydonia, In 1998 I started to write the first songs, I don't exactly follow the power or trash typical line but my goal was to create good songs; in 1999 I began to form Cydonia, calling up Trevor on bass (the bass player of my old band and friend of mine) and we realized a promo CD (The King, Land of Life, Confused Future, Masters of Stars) that Metal Blade enjoined very much.
    Now two new members have come in the band, and so this is the band: Pete Daniels on rhythm guitar, Steve Sguario on lead guitar, Trevor O'Neal on bass, Stefan Ray on drums, and Dan Keying vocals

Mat: I think I read somewhere that Cydonia is a place on Mars where a landform that looked like a human face was found. Does this have to do with the name of the band? If that should be the case I assume you have an interest for space and astronomy. In what ways do you feel that that has had an impact on your music?

  • Dan: I'm very happy to this kind of question. Sure, I have a big interest for space, astronomy, archaeology, and archaeoastronomy. CYDONIA is region on Mars, still exsisting, where since the 70s NASA SPACE PROBES took some snapeshots of these incredible Pyramidal structures, and a huge monument resembling a Sphynx; obviously science never admitted the evidence, hiding behind stupid explanations, saying that are simply shadows.
    I loved Ufology and other mistery since many years, and I've unified all this with music in Cydonia. There are things with neither time nor space, completely opposing the pure concept of matter…

Mat: What were the main reasons for the change in line-up? Can you tell us something about this?

  • Dan: Nothing of particular. We are still friends with the member of the first album, They are full of commitments to play their music, and I have different visions of music than previous musicians. I think that the new guys were what we were looking for.

Mat: You obviously have gone through a musical change of style since your debut album. Was this an intentional choice or was it more of a reason due to the changes in the band constellation? Could you briefly explain the thoughts behind the making of The Dark Flower and what factors that made it turn out the way it did?

  • Dan: Of course, this an intentional choice, but also a reason due to the changes in the band constellation ;-) The Dark Flower is a big goal for me and the band. Anyway we don't want to do CDs that sound always in the same way. We are very satisfied to this result.

Mat: How do you think that the more thrashy sound of The Dark Flower will be received and what do you expect the fans will think of this "new" style?

  • Dan: We hope that our fans will understand this new direction. Personally, I found the album perfectly balanced between aggression and melody, the rhythmical sessions were thought aggressive while the singing naturally came out this way. My goal was to have very aggressive verses with melodic choruses.
    About lyrics are always full with real facts, that I can't explain in a few words, sometimes I'm tired of the things I see in the world, I feel like I am imprisoned in an imperfect human; there are doors closed to us beyond which I would like to see. This is what I tried to transmit to the readers of my lyrics.

Mat: What's your personal opinion about your debut-album? Is this a closed chapter in the band's history or do you expect you will return to that sound and style again some time?

  • Dan: I don't know, because I need to close every chapter, before to open a new way, the whole atmosphere of the Dark Flower album is much darker than the previous album, and maybe next work will be different to both albums. About debut-CD, we think that it's a very good work.

Mat: Who would you compare yourselves to regarding your musical direction and why those in particular? Do you feel that you've been compared to some other band/bands that hasn´t done you justice? I can imagine that being one of many other Italian bands might have caused a comment or two.... =)

  • Dan: Nothing in particular. I love a lot of different music: Pink Floyd, Eminem, Rammstein, Frank Zappa, Anthrax, Pantera, Jethro Tull, new wave music 80s, Steve Vai, Soilwork and others... maybe in my music there is somethings of these bands. The truth is that I usually never listen to other metal bands. Will be the people to express own opinions. I think that there are many similar bands, I don't know very well metal scene, especially in Italy. It is up to you to choose the most innovative ;-)

Mat: How much of your time do you invest in Cydonia? Do some of you have to work harder than others or is it pretty much equal? Do you expect matters to change (for better or for worse) in the future?

  • Dan: I work so hard for Cydonia…and so invest a lot of my time. I have thrown away many songs because I wasn't satisfied with them. I often sing the melodies in my mind, then I record them with the voice and I develop the best ideas with my keyboards, and prepare demos for the rest of the band. Each member of the band bring his contribution to the final result. I don't know in the future…

Mat: Your debut album was produced by Olaf Thörsen from Labÿrinth so obviously you have co-operated with musicians another band at least once. Have you worked with someone else besides Olaf before or have someone from Cydonia particpated in any projects besides your own?

  • Dan: Yes, I have co-operated with Olaf in the past, but only with him. In The Dark Flower album, I have arranged my music with Pete Daniels completing the work together with real and efficient guitar riff sonds.

Mat: What bands or albums of today do you admire the most - if any - and have some of them played a part in the progress of the band?

  • Dan: I think…Rammstein, Eminem, Depeche Mode, and Steve Vai.

Mat: And before we end this interview some short questions:

Coffee, tea or a Coke?
-Coffee…but I prefer wine and beer
Yes or no to US and Great Britain war against Iraq?
-No comment…the world is a pure genetic failure
Dreamer or more a down-to-earth person?
-I'm a down-to-earth person…slave in a system of illusions controlled by soldiers of light
Old fashioned or modern?
-Modern, but ancient in spirit
Name one unforgetable live-gig and why just that particular one?
-Two years ago, my city. The reasons are: the great feeling for the fans, and the rivers of beer ;-)
Italian food you heartly recommend?
-The meat-balls of my grandmother…le polpette della nonna (in italian)
Any festival gigs planned for the up-coming summer or even a visit to Sweden?
-All to decide yet

Mat: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • Dan: A son stè ala fira et sanlazar..oilì oilà..a son stè ala fira et sanlazar…oilì oilà…aiò cumprè du bì pizzon cumieran bin cumieran bon…sò la stanela e zò I bragòn cumieran bin cumieran bon bon bon barababon bon bon…;-) this is pure dialect from Bologna…

    "Possibility to stop time hides the key of the limits of the thoughts"

That was all I had for now, Dan - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!

  • Thank you Mat for this great interview!!!

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