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Our whimsical wakening occured during the wee hours of the night, when Wendy and I truly embraced the opportunity to engage the collective conscience of Cellador, with detailed disclosure. This sign from somewhere far beyond beckoned and soon was hair apparant as we became better acquainted through direct discourse. Chris Petersen and his companions are quiet educated and well versed in the metal arts. Wendy and I truly admire Cellador's integrity, intelligence, discipline, and diligence. They accomplish everything for themselves. Ranging in age from 17 to 23, these youthful prodigies rigorously tour from one side of North America to the other in their Range Rover; not being old enough to rent a Nightliner bus for themselves. They sell and merchandise their own CDs, shirts, and posters, while serving as their own road crew. Their forever unbound abilities empower them to embody the essence of true power and mettle. Seen through time, their heartfelt determination will help and guide them to release the shadow of youth, leaving their adolescent worries all behind. Like Edguy and Death Angel, Cellador will soar like an eagle flying free into the fantastic future world, with no chances lost.

MettleAngel: All right, now that we are all finally together, let's begin. My first question concerns the name and origin of the band, metal fans want to know what exactly is Cellador? (The whole band silently points to Chris and he immediately begins his explanation.)

  • Cellador: (Chris:) The name is taken from a 1955 essay by J.R.R. Tolkien where he claims that the perfect balance of words is to be found in the combination of cellar and door. He argues that the terminology for cellar door is linguisticly sound, he evens uses the word cellador with a hard c sound for his elvenish language in the Lord Of the Rings. We, however do not base it on the Elvenish either; though some of our fans mistakenly think we do, and they claim we are mispronouncing it. We originally were going to go with the terms cellar and door, but once we shortened it and combined the words together we really like what we created. Now, if you do an internet search with this spelling you instantly locate us. (Bill:) The word is also Portuguese when it is spelled with an s which literally translates as "door guy". I'm from Brazil so I get asked about this rendering as well. (Dave:) Yeah, and in Spanish when it's spelled with an s, it refers to "stamp embossing". (as he demonstrates with his hands).

MettleAngel: So it seems that you have created a very unique name. I also think the logo is really cool as well as the awesome artwork concept by J.P. Fournier. I also really enjoyed the empowering and ultimately postive lyrics which Cellador has written. Explain to your fans Chris why you chose to write such powerfully thought-provoking anthems.

  • Cellador: (Chris:) We decided early on to avoid the fantasy lyrics and typical metal cliches, we write about what we know and believe. I personally write self-liberating lyrics and subject matter which deals with overcoming and avoiding manipulation by society. I start off with a few key words which develop into conceptual themes then, like the music, the rest of the lyrics flow naturally. (Valentin:) Yeah, we love the fantasy stuff, but that takes time to imagine and then create a story or concept. With Cellador we actually live what we sing and play.

MettleAngel: Well the power metal music which Cellador pens is just so memorable and infectious, once you hear those mellifluent melodies matching the majestic words, the music truly speaks to your mind, soul, and heart. Repitition is the mother of all learning, so Cellador essentially is powerfully inculcating upon your audience a positive message without proselytizing. I call this a voracity for veracity or hunger for the truth.

  • Cellador: (Bill:) I really like that, that's the general idea, we stick to our beliefs but we do not preach.

MettleAngel: I am so surprised how astute and eloquent the band is; especially given your age. How long have each of you been playing your instruments.

  • Cellador: (Mike:) Believe it or not, I've only been singing for two years. The band has really kept me whipped into shape. I definitely drink a lot of water to preserve my voice. Although I've never taken vocal lessons.

MettleAngel: That's amazing! You have God given vocal talent. I just assumed that you have been singing most of your life. What about you Bill, how long have you been shredding on the guitar?

  • Cellador: (Bill:) I began playing when I was eleven, so I've been seriously playing for about twelve or thirteen years now. (Dave:) I'm the youngest member, but I've been playing since I was three. When I was only ten, I would fill in for my dad who played drums in a bar metal band. Once he got drunk and passed out, I just took over.

MettleAngel: You were not even old enough to be in the bar, much less play in the band, Wow! So now I must ask you who your influences are, given your exceptional talent.

  • Cellador: (Dave:) Well I love In Flames and Soilwork as well as many brutal death metal bands like Carcass, Black Dahlia Murder, and Hate Eternal. In fact that's how I got into the band. I E-mailed them when they were searching for a drummer. (Valentin:) As for me, I'm totally into bands of the '70s, I first heard those then worked my way into metal.

MettleAngel: This means you enjoyed the '70s bands from a third generation perspective. I actually grew up in the '70s listening to Styx, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Kansas, and of course, Rush.

  • Cellador: (Valentin:) Well I began with AC/DC, Kiss, and Sabbath. But you have to ask Bill what got him started.

MettleAngel: OK Bill, I guess you're up next.

  • Cellador: (Bill:) I love Helloween, Gamma Ray, Maiden, etc. but I also love Motley Crue and Poison. Being from Brazil, metal is very popular there and I've been into it most of my life.

MettleAngel: Brazil definitely has a killer metal vibe, bands like Maiden and Rush love to tour there, given their live DVD releases. I personally think it is so cool that you willingly embrace '80s hair metal along with those influential European power metal bands. When did most of you really become ensconced in the power metal scene.

  • Cellador: (Bill:) 1995 was a big year for me...

MettleAngel: That's when power metal really made it's mark with the success of Hammerfall and Stratovarius. Gamma Ray, Helloween, Rage, Running Wild, etc. and their ilk had existed for quite some time but death metal was still primarily dominate in the market. So how did you guys discover so many killer bands?

  • Cellador: (Valentin:) Obviously, the internet was a very helpful tool and very instrumental in this.

MettleAngel: Back in my day it was all about tape trading and the undergound. For example, everybody wanted a copy of the "No Life To Leather" demo.

  • Cellador: (Chris:) Yeah, for our generation the internet is the new underground and it's really easy to discover and hear so many obscure bands.

I remember dishing out a heavy price for my favorite power metal artists. All the CDs back then were only imports ranging from $20 to $25 bucks a pop. I love all those European bands from the early '90s as well as the Brazilian ones like Viper and Angra.

  • Cellador: (Bill:) If you have the "No Life To Leather" demo you are the shit!

MettleAngel: No, sadly I never procured that one, but I do have Mötley Crüe's "Toast Of the Town/ Stick To Your Guns".

  • Cellador: (Bill:) No way, you suck man!

MettleAngel: Now I know my good friend discovered your band because his local record store included you in their listening station. My one friend played just a few minutes of your CD and purchased it instantly. Then he called to tell me all about it the same day as my promo copy arrived in the mail. I have my life long friend of 20 years to thank for helping me to discover Cellador, as he knew about you way before I did. He so anticipated the release of your CD. I actually received an extra promo a few days later and was going to give it to him, but he insisted on buying his copy on Amazon.com. After a few weeks he asked me if I felt that the Cellador would be the album of the year. I told him that with new Maiden, Slayer, Pharaoh, Tankard, Megadeth, and so many more releases that I was not sure; but that I did consider Cellador to be one of the most promising talents of 2006. I'm so pleased Metal Blade finally signed a power metal band. You guys being their first one in over ten years, as I indicated in my review at www.Metalcdratings.com. After all Metal Blade ruled the '80s when it came to power metal bands, they started the scene with their Metal Massacre series. At one time their roster included bands like Omen, Fates Warning, Lizzy Borden, Helstar, Nasty Savage, Candlemass, Exxplorer, Savage Grace, etc. Other than King Diamond and Manowar, lately all their bands tend to be Death Metal Core.

  • Cellador: (Mike:) Yeah, we agree and appreciate that. Since we listen to power metal so advidly, we just play what we love.

MettleAngel: Well, I bet my friend chooses your CD as the number one release of 2006. Last year he picked Hibria, for me they were second next to Gamma Ray. Now you guys are on "Metal Massacre 13" correct?

  • Cellador: (Valentin:) Oh yeah, I think we have the first song on that CD.

MettleAngel: You are on there with so many of the other new Metal Blade bands. That's quite a contrast when Mike sings like Lord Tim of Dungeon or early Geoff Tate.

  • Cellador: (Mike:) Actually, I've only heard Queensryche recently. I never really listened to them. My vocal inspirations come from Dio and Bruce Dickinson and also Daniel Heiman.

MettleMaiden: Now has Metal Blade been treating you well and giving you proper promotion?

  • Cellador: (Everyone:) Oh yeah, way better than we expected.

MettleAngel: Now, do you plan to add a keyboardist to the band eventually?

  • Cellador: (Dave:) Right now, no, but we are not opposed to the idea. (Mike:) We just don't want the keyboards to become prominate like they are in some metal bands.

MettleAngel: I understand what you are saying, because Helloween, Edguy, and Gamma Ray all use keyboards conservatively, unlike Dragonforce, Children Of Bodom, Stratovarious, and Rhapsody. (MettleMaiden:) Have you written any new music yet?

  • Cellador: (Mike:) Yeah, Bill and I have written a demo for one song together. Chris wrote most of the music the first time for Enter Deception, so for the new material we are spreading it around more. The sound on the next album will still clearly be Cellador. Picture it this way: Chris built the brickhouse, now the rest of us are adding the fixtures and dressings.

MettleAngel: Well it seems we covered a lot. Did you have any questions for me?

  • Cellador: (Chris:) No I think that just about covers it, thanks man. (Valentin:) I noticed you don't use a recorder, that's so cool. This whole time you have just been writting simple notes, so do make an outline and just go with that then?

MettleAngel: Yeah, I'll recopy my notes later on, and when I do I will hear each of your voices answering my questions in my head. It's just like when a song plays back over and over in your head many days later.

  • Cellador: (Valentin:) That's so cool, so we won't be directly quoted, but you will use your interpretation of how we responded. I actually prefer that.

MettleAngel: Well, it's very similar to what the Gospel writers did. I will quote the band, but I'll also make it sound more enjoyable and pleasing for your audience. Especially since you guys and us two are so tired now as it's going on 3:30 in the morning. Thank you for everything guys, good luck on your show tomorrow in New York.

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