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Mat: When and why did you start to play the guitar in the first place? What were your main idols and sources of inspiration?

  • Alex: I started in the age of 14 and my Idols at this time has been Ritchie Blackmore and Jimi Hendrix. Then, I saw Randy Roads in a concert with Ozzy…and this was so terrific. It changed my whole few about guitarplaying. Of course I was also a huge fan of Eddie van halen, then Georg lynch, John Sykes, Yngwie……
    I started to play guitar just because I had to…….there was no other choice. I always played on every instrument which was around me…..I have a huge musical inspiration.

Mat: How did Silent Force see the lights of day? Can you briefly tell us of the formation of the band, how you all met and how it became the present line-up?

  • Alex: I left Sinner and I decided not to join Primal Fear by the end of 99. I went to the studio with Achim Köhler at House of Music and started the recordings. The material was written during the year 99. I wrote everthing by myself.
    After recording all the music I started the search for the RIGHT singer. At this point I was listening to DC's solo record a lot. So, I said to myself…..:"Why not?" and gave him a call.
    6 weeks later we met in my livingroom and started to work on the vocal lines. Then we got a huge record deal and released the album, went on tour with Stratovarius. Played with Symphony X….went to Japan….and so on.

Mat: As I understand things, DC lives in the US and the rest of you live in Germany. Does this provide a problem for the band or has it worked out just fine so far?

  • Alex: We are all professionells and it is not a big problem. We rehearse every week, of course without DC, and write new stuff and hanging together.
    Of course we spend a lot of money for travelling…… :)

Mat: And then some questions about your up-coming album. Is the name Line of Attack just a working title or the final one? Infatuator was also regarding to me much faster, heavier and even straighter than your debut. Can we expect the same developments taking place once again or perhaps more/less focus on certain installments? Any more trilogys etc?

  • Alex: I came up with "Line of Attack" because I want to show that we are ready for the next step!
    I hope we will keep the name because I really love it and it fits perfect to the band and the situation.
    The music will be even more melodic, faster, straighter and more agressiv then on the last album.
    There will be no "Trilogie" or any concept thing. Just pure fuckin'music.

Mat: You've previously produced your albums yourself, but on your up-coming release Denis Ward is listed as producer. Will you co-produce with him or have you left that job entirely to Denis?

  • Alex: It will be hard for me to let go. I will definitely still be involved in the whole producing. I know exactly how this band should sound.

Mat: Your previous two Silent Force album covers seem to be connected. Are there any plans to incorporate the new album cover with the other two in a similiar way? Will it be the same artist doing the cover again?

  • Alex: The original idea was to have a connection between all the covers. But - right now we don't know if we will continue this idea.

Mat: How much time do you invest in the making of a new studio album?

  • Alex: All in all it will be almost one year! You have to count from the first day you start to compose new songs.

Mat: It's a known fact that you're frequently holding quite a lot of workshops around the world lately. Could you tell us something about what the visitors at such workshops can expect to learn and see/hear? How do you organize the shops, and what different styles (if more than one) are you trying to fill the set with?

  • Alex: They can expect to see/hear how to get a good sound, how to set up gear, how to perform and to play…… and of course I try to give some of my experience to them. It all depense on the listeners. If they are interested in a musical carrer, of course I let them know how much this business sucks :)
    I don't play many different styles. I do what I can do best……and this is Rock.
    Of course I also have some very tasty pieces of music where I play some slow stuff, very melodic.
    Ahhh, you got to see it…..just book me for a clinic , ha,ha :)

Mat: I can imagine, and am also aware of, that many other musicians have to have jobs on the side to get by. How's this situation with you? Can you live off the music alone?

  • Alex: Yes, this is all I'm doing. Silent Force and worldwide clinics and workshops…….sounds fun, right? But belive me…..it is really hard work!!!
    It took me 20 years to come to this point. 20 years of fighting!

Mat: Could you tell something of the tour with Stratovarius and Heavenly. What are your reflections over the tour with them and how was the response from the fans? Could you consider touring with them again?

  • Alex: The tour was just great and we all became friends. Fred, the guitarplay from Heavenly moved to Krefeld and we meet almost every day. With Jörg (Michael), drummer of Stratovarius, I have dinner sometimes.
    Yes, we all became friends. The fans on this tour seemed to love Silent Force a lot. It was a huge success for us.
    We would love to go on tour with them again!!!

Mat: You played at Wacken Open Air 2002. How was it to play at such a big metal-festival? Have you even planned any festival gigs for this up-coming summer?

  • Alex: Wacken was a bit difficult. I already explained that a hundred times and…sorry…I don't wanna talk about it anymore. We will not play on any festival this year, because we will be still in the studio recording the new album.

Mat: Has Infatuator sold well? What countries seem to have accepted it the most and can you even see if your music is more popular among certain age-groups?

  • Alex: Infatuator was a good seller. The best sales are in Germany, Japan, France and USA.
    About the age? Well, that depends on the country. In Spain, the Metal fans are much younger then in Germany. In Spain you have 14, 15, 16 years old kids in the crowd…..in Germany don't.

Mat: How does it look on the solo-career front at the present time? How many members are currently involved in a project on the side besides you? Are there any such albums due for release soon?

  • Alex: First of all, Silent Force is a full time job and we are a hard working BAND.
    There is not much going on besides Silent Force. I wrote some songs for a project, "Missa Mercuria" and that's it. DC will do his next solo record after "Line of Attack".
    We are focused on our baby…..Silent Force!

Mat: What do you think are the main reasons behind the success of Silent Force? What makes you stand out among the rest?

  • Alex: Well, we just follow our hearts. And, we are a very good live band and we love to be on stage. People can see and feel this!
    Nowaday, I miss musicians with "Charisma" and I think that we are a charismatic band ..in some way :)

Mat: How would you describe the other members personalities? Does the band have someone who's for instance the prankster, the ladiesman etc?

  • Alex: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh……
    Jürgen is Mc Gyver. Give him a pen and he fixes everything. And, he was a huge ladykiller. Now, he is very happy with his new girlfriend…so……he retired :)
    Torsten is the finacial guy. If you ever forget to give him money back…….Oh my God!
    Andre is just an animal, in every case
    DC is the very practical guy. He gives you a different view of things
    Myself……Hmm, I try to have my things together.

Mat: How do the plans look for - let's say - the next 3 years? Where do you think Silent Force is standing at that point, and what do you hope to have accomplished by then? Are there any special dreams that you want to see fulfilled or perhaps some cooperation with some special band or artist?

  • Alex: In this business everything can happen. I can not plan for the next 3 years. I hope we will still recording our albums and touring. And I hope Metal will be back where it belongs….at the top!

Mat: And before we end this interview some short questions:

Stay at home or go on tour?
-Go on tour
Ice cold beer or a room-tempered red wine?
Live album? Can we expect one from you some time?
Extraordinary album releases during the 90's?
-To many to mention
Never will I return to this vacation resort again:
The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones?

Favourite guitarbrand? Both accoustic and electric.
-ESP, Siggi Guitars and Godin
Open air or indoor gigs?
Record in the studio or play live?
Calzone or a burger?
Ever played in Sweden?
-Not yet….and I hate that fact

Mat: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • Alex: Mmhhhh……I can't find anything right now……

That was all I had for now, Alex - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!

  • Thanks! And I want to thank you for keeping the Metal Flame alive and giving me the opportunity to give this interview.

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