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Amoral - Wound Creations

=Staff's pick

The Verge
Atrocity Evolution
Silent Renewal
The Last Round
Other Flesh*
Nothing Daunted
Languor Passage

Genre Death/Thrash Metal
Niko Kaliojärvi
Tracks 10
Ben Varon
Runningtime 47 Min.
Silver Ots
Label Spikefarm Records
Erko Silvennoinen
Release 01 Oct. 2004
Juhana Karlsson
Country Finland
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Amoral hail from the land slightly to my east, namely Finland, and they have released their debut through the Finnish label Spikefarm. Wound Creations contains ten songs that represent some sort of mid tempo death metal the technical way, and some more modern mid tempo thrash. I will rush on to the cold hard facts directly: this kind of music has been done so many times by now that nowadays the value of this music must have a level equivalent to the currency in Moldavia.... I don't know, but I find this hybrid of metal very difficult to enjoy. Legendary Death got away with it, and did it superbly. But they also had a genius mind in Chuck Shuldiner which mastered this type of mid tempo metal with extremely good melodies and arrangements. Amoral don't have anything of these parts. Apart from a quite ok vocalist.

The music is a bit of a mystery to me, it is like the handle-brake has been stacked. The members seem to be good musicians with good technical parts and performances on each song, but it feels like the music gives nothing to the listener as a whole package. Good production and from a technical aspect the music is quite ok, but it leaves a lot more to wish for. I miss aggression, speed and hard arrangements that make you want to listen to it again. Well, for now I don't see any reason to how I could really enjoy this album, it's more like elevator or shopping mall music in my ears. Sad but true.

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4 chalices of 10 - Tim

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