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Dismember - Where Ironcrosses Grow

=Staff's pick

Where Ironcrosses Grow*
Forged With Hate*
Tragedy Of The Faithful
Chasing The Serpent*
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Sword Of Light
As The Coins Upon Your Eyes*
Children Of The Cross
As I Pull The Trigger*

Genre Death Metal
Matti Kärki
Tracks 10
David Blomqvist
Runningtime 38 Min.
Label Regain Records
Rickard Cabeza
Release 08 March 2004
Fred Estby
Country Sweden
Similar artists Fleshcrawl, Bloodbath

Dismember, founded back in 1988 are back with their latest creation, still going strong after all these years. Returning after albums like Death Metal and Hate Campaign, that in my ears were minor failures - albums that I had expected so much more from. Well, named albums aren´t crappy, but they just didn't make it as full-length albums due to the lack of invention and fantasy. But now its 2004 and they are back to whip us with Where Ironcrosses Grow.

The titelsong kicks of the Ironcross parade and I must say that I´m suprised in a positive way. Sheer agression like the good old days, when Like An Ever Flowing Streamback in 1991 reigned the deep realms of my crappy stereosystem. The same goes for the second one Forged With Hate. A little less agression but more melody & (dis)harmony. And so it continues over the albums' running time. Speed & agression combined with some heavy and well arranged melodies. The difference between Where Ironcrosses Growand for example Death Metal is that this one doesn´t get boring after 10 minutes, mainly due to good arrangements & speed. Something that some of the later albums over the years have been lacking. I must also say that the vocals of Matti Kärki are a big improvement on this recording, and the same goes for the production. It's still the "Dismember-sound", but much better and heavier.

This is a good one. Not the best these days, but for now this album will do just fine with crushers like Forged With Hate, Chasing The Serpent and As The Coins Upon Your Eyes. Good, old school death metal to terrorize your sleepy neighbourhood with. Where Ironcrosses Grow is a step in the right direction for Dismember.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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