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Generation Kill - We're All Gonna Die

Published November 10 2013

=Staff's pick

Born To Serve*
Prophets Of War
Death Comes Calling
Friendly Fire
Carny Love
There Is No Hope*
We're All Gonna Die*

Genre Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
Rob Dukes
Tracks 8
Jason Trenzcer
Running time 40 Min.
Jason Velez
Label Nuclear Blast
Rob Moschetti
Release 13 November 2013
James DeMaria
Country USA
Producer Zeuss
Similar artists Testament

With Generation Kill's second effort We're All Gonna Die, I'm not that confident with filing this solely under thrash metal, which is its supposed label. Instead this record streams more towards heavy metal with a kind of violent and direct approach. It's a highly diverse record and I find myself caught up by surprise since I looked forward to eight songs mainly focusing on speed, anger and other things appropriate for the type of music I expected.

The opener Born To Serve shows significant thrash attributes though, still combined with tons of classic heavy metal. Track number 4, Friendly Fire, opens up with a ripping guitar solo and is a pretty violent piece with a solid riff and angry vocals from Dukes. A direct and exploding oncoming is presented in Vegas and There Is No Hope is a straightforward thrash experience that is fast, accurate and captivating, all at the same for about 3,5 minutes before it suddenly turns into a ballad-like song that feels a bit restrained.

One of the real thrash metal encounters is given with the album's closer, the title track We're All Gonna Die, which displays multiple doses of anger and aggression that ends the album with a blast. That leaves us with three songs left to sum up this list. The first single, Prophets Of War, is a Testament oozing heavy ballad for half of the song, before it turns into a speed metal monster that makes your ears pop. Death Comes Calling shows slow and somewhat doomy heavy metal and Carny Love is a ballad with a heavy chorus.

All in all, I like this album. The songs are good almost all throughout, no matter what genre they represent. The variation and the playing time of the record is perfect for repeated spins and I will definitely give this album a few chances along the road.








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