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Full Strike- We Will Rise

=Staff's pick

End Of Time
Enlighten Me*
We Will Rise
Metal Mind*
Silent Screams
Master Of My Soul
Mandrakes Dream*
When Will I Know
First Strike
Created Fantasy
Force Of The World*
Ghost Traveller (bonus)

Genre Power Metal
Niclas Johnsson
Tracks 12
Stefan Elmgren
Runningtime 55 Min.
Label Spitfire Records
Chris Goldsmith
Release 13 May 2002
Björn Fryklund
Country Sweden
Similar artists Hammerfall

All in order to the common pattern among musicians, one of Hammerfall's guitarists now do as many of his stringbending collegues in this business - he releases a solalbum.
That is often a logical step in their urge to express other sides of their musical underlying abilities.

But that is not the case here - This sounds Hammerfall to the bone,and doesn't leave much room for other influences to show up and take place.
But the remarkable about it, is that he here releases something that are worse than Hammerfall in every way except for the production.

This is pretty flat I must say - the choruses doesn't reach to any remarkable heights, the riffs are extremely standard, and the solos are, except for a few exceptions, not something to raise many eyebrows over.
Surprisingly, since Elmgren in fact is a documented very skilled guitarist.

The music varies from beeing a very dull version of powermetal in mainly midtempo, to be pretty "poppy" from time to time, like in Enlighten Me and We Will Rise, where the choruses are almost touching the realms of the old glamrockbands from the past.
The few times they speed it up a little is when the songs are as best, but not even then they manage to catch your attention, and you find yourself being very impatient to hear something good soon, but you are waiting in vain, and that only build up the frustration more and more the longer the time passes on this album.

Among the better songs are Metal Mind, that are one of the few that manage to keep away enough from the standardization to be considered a minor hit. The popinfluenced Enlighten Me are also worth mentioning, but that is about it - the rest I heardly remeber how they sounded like when the album has stopped spinning - that is not especially a good sign.

I must say that I am a bit surprised to why Stefan didn't let some of the songs on this album be a part of Hammerfall's latest - or new - album.
The songs on this album that have some sort of quality could have been very useful to Hammerfall, at least on their latest release Renegade.

Vocalist Johnsson doesn't belong to the most skilled singer I have heard in my days, and doesn't exactly contribute to higher grades for this album.
When it flows good, than he is equiped with a decent pipe, but way too often things messes up and he has trouble with the english, and the high notes don't seem to be good friends with him from time to time..

This is - unfortunatly - just a big bagatelle in the metalscene of today - you don't reach far with material like this.
I had hoped for much more than this.

Put all your heat in Hammerfall instead Elmgren, and concentrate on making that good instead - that'll bring you way more success than this.






5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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