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Danko Jones - We Sweat Blood

=Staff's pick

Forget My Name*
I Love Living In The City
I Want You
Heartbreak's A Blessing
Wait A Minute*
Home To Hell
Hot Damn Woman
The Cross
Love Travel
We Sweat Blood
Woogie Boogie (bonus track)

Genre Heavy Metal Blues
Danko Jones
Tracks 13
Danko Jones
Runningtime 38 Min.
Label Bad Taste Records
John Calabrese
Release 08 Oct. 2003
Damon Richardson
Country Canada
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Not much use of writing that much about the new album from the band Danko Jones, they might be good on albums but live is where they really comes out. But in order to get you an idea on which concert you should be spending your money on I'm gonna fill you in.

A Canadian band on a small Swedish record label isn't something that we are used to, but with this trio that bares the name of their frontman it is a fact. The music of Danko Jones is full-throttle metal 'n' roll if you like, a punkish kind of heavy metal with the blues as foundation.
On this the third album (counting I'm Alive And On Fire (2001) as one even if it only contains old and collected material) they pretty much continues were they left us with the last album Born A Lion (2002), but there has been some small changes.

Danko Jones is band that is tight as hell when it comes to playing and this comes out on the albums in this exciting music that drags you into party mood at once. This time the production has improved and the sound picture is bigger and with a thick sound it feels a bit more polished.
The speed is a bit faster with We Sweat Blood and this you can feel in the track Wait A Minute that is a perfect Danko track, the speed isn't the only thing that has happened since the last time, the anger has been given some room as well. Just listen to the track The Cross that almost sounds like Entombed, a track that I found too noisy and loud at first but has grown to like, this is a side with anger that we hasn't seen before, but then it is only that track that comes out that angry.

We Sweat Blood is no more than a good album and I miss a track like Lovercall from Born A Lion, one of those killer tracks that makes you push repeat, but I'm confident that most of the songs will work perfectly when it comes to playing them live. And live is where you are supposed to be enjoying them, a hardworking live band that plays with a no fuzz kick ass attitude that hits you in the face begging for more.
See you at the show!






6 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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