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Manowar - Warriors Of The World

=Staff's pick

Call To Arms*
The Fight For Freedom
Nessun Dorma
Swords In The Wind*
An American Trilogy
The March
Warriors Of The World United*
Hand Of Doom*
House Of Death
Fight Until We Die*

Genre Heavy Metal
Eric Adams
Tracks 11
Karl Logan
Runningtime 47 Min.
Label Nuclear Blast
Joey DeMaio
Release 25 May 2002
Scott Columbus
Country USA
Similar artists Majesty, Virgin Steele

One of the most regular complaints about Manowar is that they've always sounded the same. That is not true of course, but less than ever on Warriors Of The World. Here the band has had the courage to experiment with as various things as opera and country. But most of all they deliver pounding metal of better quality than ever. Call To Arms is the perfect opening track. Classic Manowar at their most brilliant moment, preparing for battle! The Fight For Freedom is a bit softer and almost too catchy, and therefore the track that I got bored of first. Then Eric Adams deliver an, if not excellent, at least passed opera exam in Nessum Dorma. If you've heard the awful techno-version with Fredrik Kempe it should be no question of which to prefer. The metal scream in the end tells us that this is still Manowar we are talking about.

Valhalla/Swords In The Wind is a classic Manowar-hymn at its best, a perfect blend of mightiness and beautiful melodies and choirs. Goose-flesh! An American Trilogy, a patriotic medley that Elvis used to perform, would perhaps been downgraded to a bonus track. But anyway, its kind of funny to hear Adams sing "glory, glory hallelujah" (who said that Manowar can not be self-ironic?)!

The March is a fictive movie soundtrack, that should enhance any cinematic experience, but on this record it is mainly a preparation for what is next to come. The title track starts with heavy pounding drums and hammering base. Mighty (but kind of similar to Hammerfall's At The End Of The Rainbow)! The chorus is so catchy that even my metal hating girlfriend likes it (is that actually good of bad, if you're Manowar?).

The ending trilogy of the record is just brilliant. Perhaps these three songs would be better placed earlier though, since the middle part of the album loses some tempo. Anyway, Hand Of Doom, House Of Death and Fight Until We Die is hard and fast metal in the vein of Black Wind, Fire and Steel and Power. Eric Adams is screaming angrier than ever. The choruses are besieging your brain and the lyrics are bloody. A whole record of songs like these three would probably be celebrated by all true metalfans, but would also be a lot more safe and boring than the varied and experimental Warriors Of The World. This is a bold masterpiece, that will keep its freshness for a very long time!

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9,5 chalices of 10 - David

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