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Europe - War Of Kings

Published March 01 2015

=Staff's pick

War Of Kings*
Hole In My Pocket
The Second Day
Praise You
Nothin To Ya*
California 405
Days Of Rock N Roll
Children Of The Mind*
Rainbow Bridge
Angels (With Broken Hearts)
Light Me Up

Genre Rock/Hard Rock
Joey Tempest
Tracks 12
John Norum
Running time 54 Min.
Label UDR
John Levén
Release 02 March 2015
Ian Haugland
Country Sweden
Mic Michaeli
Producer Dave Cobb
Similar artists ---

Swedish rockers Europe aren't really what they once were when they hit the shelves big-time during the mid 80's. At this present point and since the return to the scene just over a decade ago, the band more or less continues its ways with a more heavy and modern orientation which is strongly intertwined with lots of 70's approaches, which in the end actually makes me relate a little to Deep Purple occasionally.

When considering the age of the band members, their capacity and the total experience, I really can't say that I'm astonished by the band's nowadays pinpoint direction and I can neither picture them releasing another The Final Countdown or Out Of This World album again. Fans that mainly listen to this unit's music made during the heydays will to some extent likely dismiss what's now offered, whilst I on the contrary believe that the long-time fans, who have stuck with this band through hell or high water, may see and identify this new album as pretty arousing, apt and current.

Joey Tempest's voice is still a great asset to the band's appearance and guitarist John Norum definitely gets a full amount of time in a number of songs to show off his talent and skills and frankly I wouldn't have mind him having additional time to show even more of what he's got. The overall sound however comes out a little too compressed as far as I'm concerned and factually quite thick too and not as fresh and lucid as I was hoping for.

This record is an entirely solid piece nevertheless and most songs are good basically, but it also lacks those really killing tracks, whose input usually boosts Europe's albums to become something that's worth spending massive added time listening to. Still at the end of the day I certainly dig most of the material on War Of Kings and I think that this outfit has a few great albums yet to come and also many great years before they conclude their achievements.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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