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Eternal Tragedy - Voice Of Instinct

=Staff's pick

Eternal Tragedy*
Outside Of Mercy

Genre Progressive Death Metal
Stefania Ponzilacqua
Tracks 2
Stefania Ponzilacqua
Runningtime 12 Min.
Label ---
Stefania Ponzilacqua
Release 02 July 2004
Iwan Hendrikx
Country Italy/Netherlands
Similar artists Death, Rotting Christ

What to do if you got the material for a recording but not the skilled musicians to perform it?
Well in Stefanias, mastermind of Italian Eternal Tragedy, case there were never any doubts. She recorded everything for herself, guitars, song and bass, using a sequenced metronome. Well, I can say that there are easier ways to record an album. The drums where layed to tape later (!) by the Dutch session drummer Iwan Hendrikx. So what about the result then? The Voice of Instinct demo contains two tracks of very technical and progressive death metal.

Well I must say that I am certainly not an expert on this kind of metal. Not that I don´t like it or so - I can. But way to often when I listen to this progressive kind I realise that its way to much of everything. To much meaningless and endless solos, often missplaced. But after some listenings to Voice Of Instinct, I can recall some feelings that I haven´t felt since I've listened the Human album with Death from -91 and the early days of Opeth and sometimes even Rotting Christ. Eternal Tragedy´s music are very technical and above all, well performed something that deserves to be metioned regarding to the way this demo was recorded. There are parts that are less technical, a thing that keeps the music "on the track" so to speak. Where some bands of this genre sweeps out in the void, and totaly fails with solidness and harmony, Eternal Tragedy "keeps the red line" through their music. Eternal Tragedy sounds as its name, there are no happy and glamourus vibes on Voice of instinct. Only melancholy and despair.

The negative part concerning Voice Of Instinct are the production, the levels of the drums are a bit to low in my opinion. The song performance could be better til next time. I wonder what Eternal Tragedy would achieve with a proper line-up, a fat recording budget and a good studio. After all i must consider Eternal Tragedy as a very exciting band wich would be interesting to hear more from in the future.






6 chalices of 10 - Tim

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