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Lechery - Violator

Published January 23 2008

=Staff's pick

Rise With Me*
Come Alive
I Am The One*
Hero Of The Night
Your Fate*
What Burns In Their Eyes
Slave Under Passion
Open Your Eyes

Genre Heavy Metal
Martin Bengtsson
Tracks 11
Martin Bengtsson
Runningtime 48 Min.
Fredrik Nordstrandh
Label Metal Heaven
Martin Karlsson
Release 18 Jan. 2008
Robert Persson
Country Sweden
Fredrik Nordstrandh
Similar artists Accept, Dream Evil, Bloodbound, Grave Digger

The new Swedish outfit Lechery is fronted by Martin Bengtsson, a man who is mostly known for handling the bass duties on Arch Enemy's Stigmata album. Apart from that he has also been a member of Christopher Amott's Armageddon for a short period of time. The band was formed in 2004 with an intention to compose and perform songs based on guitar riffs and melodies with a solid rhythm ground. After two demos they landed a record deal with Metal Heaven which has led to the recording of their debut album entitled Violator (which ONLY has the name in common with Depeche Mode…).

The first reaction I got when listening to Violator was the production with its main purpose to display a wall of guitars right in your face. A great decision since this is an album all about riffs, riffs and RIFFS! If you, like me, have a soft spot for heavy, catchy and rhythmical guitar riffs, mainly in mid tempo, you're up for something quite tasty I can assure you. Lechery offers classic heavy metal the way we used to hear it in the 80's but with a fresh, heavy, juicy and crystal clear sound.

The album opens with a stand out track in the shape of Rise With Me. A steady beat with the guitars, of course, in front and a catchy chorus that sticks instantly. From now on this track is going to be an obvious choice when compiling discs at home. I Am The One however starts in a mellow way but after a while the guitars are back paving the way to yet another sing-along refrain. Another highlight to be mentioned is the Dream Evil sounding Your Fate which is in possession of yet another godsent riff. Try listen without your feet stomping or your head banging and, mark my words, you will fail!

Even if the guitars are fantastic on the entire album I must point out that the quality of the choruses vary quite a lot and this is something that affects my final judgement a bit. The vocal delivery from Martin Bengtsson isn't too dynamic either which makes the overall sound somewhat monotonous. But as I said earlier, if you are a fan of classic heavy metal with emphasis on guitar riffs there's a smorgasbord just waiting for you at your local record dealer.








7 chalices of 10 - Hawk

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