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Gaia Epicus - Victory

=Staff's pick

New Life
Iron Curtain*
The Sign
Revenge Is Sweet*
In Memory
Awaken The Monster
Rise Of The Empire
When Darkness Falls
Fortress Of Solitude*
Throught The Fire

Genre Power Metal
Thomas C. Hansen
Tracks 10
Thomas C. Hansen
Runningtime 47 Min.
Joakim Kjelstad
Hans Homen
Release 2006
Ole A. Myrholt
Country Norway
Similar artists Gamma Ray, Megadeth, Heaven's Gate

After having experienced the ultimate symphony of glory and the mind altering innovation of Gaia Epicus at Minneapolis Mayhem, I'm exceedingly excited to continue celebrating the moribund dance, by doing this review; for it was then and there that I felt the rampage of appreciation, when the hand of fate placed this unmastered copy into my possession. The band truly appreciates the fact that I am ever so sedate, ready to relate - sate, to rap about their latest victory.

Through the fire and fame, these keepers of time and space have forged their epic metal guise formatively. Such is the saga of these determined and unwavering victors. In 1992, they began their raw career playing punk, meticulously meting out crushing riffs of cross-over metal; so that by the close of the millenium, with exact experience and empirical expertise in their sonic execution, they should become the true defenders of the eternal flame. Hailing from Norway, Gaia Epicus symbolize the sympathy of glorious heavy metal hearts, soaring on the wings of freedom - calling us all to a new life.

Thomas Christian Hansen informed me in a recent interview that he adored Megadeth, this influence is quite prevalent on Gaia Epicus' third outing. The majestic Gamma Rays still shine on over Heaven's Gate; and the power metal primal formula is still fulfilled. Being free of keyboards, altogether, Victory is the bestial blend of power, majesty, thrash, and metal to mettle melody.

After the tragic and the untimely death of their previous bass player, Yngve Hanssen, who died in a catastrophic car crash last year, Thomas and Joakim began the search for an acceptable supersedure. Dedicating the new track In Memory as a memento mori to Yngve's presence, this instrumental echoes musically what words will not express. Hans Holmen has now completed the line up, standing in the gap. His enslavement of beautiful bass slick riffage makes me tremor even when darkness falls. Hans keep Yngve's spirit alive and well in each note he plays. New drummer Ole Myrholt is absoultely amazing! He is an anachronistic archon of the diabolical breeding ground. His intense intemperance will awaken the monster in us all. This tattooed willing heir honours the legacy of doomsday drummers in his wake.

Thomas totally breeds contempt and utter contumacy for his former label Sound Riot Records. Inside the storm of his vociferous vengeance and the seething fire and ice in his veins - revenge is sweet! Apparently Sound Riot ripped-off the band and broke promises, landing the group in a bad situation. It's no wonder why Thomas is angry again, as his vitriolic rage is sure to have this market of malfeasence sweating bullets, and riding on the rusted terror train of consequences, with ashes in their mouth.. Finally, the black iron curtain is drawn and quartered.

Gaia Epicus are self-professed, avid Star Wars fan addicts. They continue the theme of "Sith Happens" with another rebellious, ripping guitar warzone raving about the man in the black mask; and again the empire will rise! The death stars silently watch the sky, with no new hope, so die for your king, Lord Vader.

I'm ever so honored to present you this veritable victory - a vignette of vigour and virile vim. Miracles occur continuously, and even though there is no release date as yet established, I know Gaia Epicus will secure a sanctioned deal. Currently they are vigilantly searching and labouring for a more honest label; one who will pay them the respect which they have definitely earned. When this CD is officially released, please do not hesitate to break out of your fortress of solitary solitude, seize the day, and follow the sign of victory.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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