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Neurothing - Vanishing Celestial Bodies

=Staff's pick

Never Core
Vanishing Celestial Bodies*

Genre Thrash Metal/Hardcore
Bartek Zawadzki
Tracks 4
Ryszard Hazubski
Runningtime 17 Min.
Jaroslaw Slomka
Wieslaw Wilga
Release 23 June 2005
Robert Roszczynski
Country Poland
Similar artists Sepultura, The Haunted

Neurothing from Poznan in Poland is a new addition to the metal scene as the band was formed in late 2004. Neurothing play music that is somewhere between hardcore and thrash or perhaps a great deal of both. The music is going forward with heavy chugging rhythms that are fueled on aggression mixed with heavy riffs and some great lead parts. It is too much of a hardcore vibe for my taste but when those are put aside, this is very well a more than decent demo.

First song Never Core is of the in your face attitude and has some define hardcore vibes to it with the vocals and chugging rhythm. And add some dry heavy riffs in the vein of Pantera and you are well on your way to visualize the sound here of. Neurothing are blending hardcore aggression with heavy and aggressive thrash riffs with some really fascinating breaks. Macheta is going forward just as heavy but with a more chugging rhythm and the lack of flow in the rhythm makes this not very pleasurable to listen to, despite the clean vocals in the refrain.

Anomaly is more rhythmic than the previous tracks and there is now a better flow in this song even if it doesn't separate itself that much from the others. Although the song is more varied and once again there are clean vocals partly in the refrain as a contrast to the angry screams from Bartek "Chupasangre" Zawadzki that can be a bit tiresome after a while. Neurothing saved the best for last with the title track of the demo. Vanishing Celestial Bodies has less of the hardcore and more of thrash aggression and when they pick up the pace, this starts to sound really good. There is much of Pantera in this track and with the guitars the guys show that they are not afraid to step out of the ordinary.

For a self-financed demo this holds a very high standard, from printed disc all the way through to the music played. And also the production leaves me with little or nothing to complain about since the sound is clear and yet with a fat dry sound that is suiting their raw metal rather greatly. The songs could use some more work but this band is well on their way and is pretty good at what they are doing and even if I don't personally appreciate all of it, I can't say that it is badly done.






5,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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