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Gama Bomb - Untouchable Glory

Published October 29 2015

=Staff's pick

Ninja Untouchables/Untouchable Glory*
Avenge Me!
Drinkers, Inc.
My Evil Eye*
Tuck Your T-Shirt In
Ride The Night*
She Thing*
Witching Mania
James Joints
Raging Skies
I Will Haunt You
After The Fire

Genre Thrash/Speed Metal
Philly Byrne
Tracks 12
Domo Dixon
Running time 32 Min.
John Roche
Label AFM Records
Joe McGuigan
Release October 30, 2015
Paul Caffrey
Country Ireland
Producer -
Similar artists ---

Gama Bomb proceeds the chosen mission with its speedy thrash metal and the differences between this new album and its predecessor, The Terror Tapes, are in fact rather elusive and it's like you really have to go much into details to find things that's a little bit dissimilar to the previous effort. The music that this band offers does once again not provide me with the enough good or comprehensive stuff to satisfy my requirements.

The overall performance contains a lot of charisma and willingness to deliver a flourishing result and I indeed think that the album has its nice moments, but at the same time I find this band's metal just being simply too much sometimes. After listening to the record for a few weeks, and also quite repeatedly, I tend to get bored, because no matter how much I try to unify with the music, it is unable to send enjoyable signals to my receptors.

The band doesn't leave much room for variation throughout the disc and without a single ounce of doubt I think it is in fact very monotonous, which in the end definitely is its biggest disadvantage too. They run this thing in mainly a speedy tempo before they stop somewhere around the 32 minute mark. The short playing time is nevertheless not something negative, considering the album's explosive contents, and a more expanded effort would probably have made the end result even more repetitive.

As you have naturally already figured out, I have a hard time to digest what this album comprises. Despite their valiant attempt to come out successful, the songs just passes me by quite quickly without impressing me at all. Most of them place themselves on an okay level, but that is also less than what I usually demand in my eager search for great music.

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