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Angtoria - Unofficial Demo 2004

=Staff's pick

Six Feet Under´s Not Deep Enough
Confide In Me*
Suicide On My Mind*
Deity Of Disgust*
A Child That Walks In The Path Of A Man

Genre Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sarah Jezebel Deva
Tracks 5
Tommy Rehn
Runningtime 22 Min.
Chris Rehn
Release July 2004
Country England/Sweden
Similar artists Within Temptation, Leaves' Eyes, Therion

The band Angtoria was formed by Chris Rehn and Sarah Jezebel Deva with the aim to reach a wider audience than what they have done with their bands earlier. Chris is formerly of the black metal band Abyssos and Sarah is probably most know for her efforts with Cradle Of Filth, and she has also worked with bands like Therion and Mortiis. Completing the line-up for this demo is Chris's brother Tommy who has a past in the band Moahni Moahna that released two albums in the nineties (the debut is highly recommended by the way) and it is in his Virtual Symphony Studios the demo was recorded.

Angtoria is inevitably going to be piled together with bands like Within Temptation and the likes there of. Beautiful melodies with guitar, lots of strings and a female vocalist is going to make impossible for Angtoria to avoid that fact. Unfortunately, I say, because there is more to this than what the general gothic metal band has to offer. Angtoria is more of orchestral music and the inspiration seems to come more from classical music and movies than from the metal direction. Therion is the only band that I really can draw any comparisons with although Angtoria is softer and their music feels to have a more direct approach.

All of the five tracks on this highly professional demo are of very good quality but it is the mid-tempo song Suicide On My Mind with almost a lullaby-ish refrain that sticks immediately and the most elaborated track with Deity Of Disgust that stands a little higher than the rest. The later features guest vocals from Martin Häggström (Zool, Moahni Moahna) and also has heavier riffing as well as an oriental touch to it as it swings from calm to lively. The most mature track without a doubt and with the guitar sound and melodies I sense a resemblance with Tommy Rehn's and Martin Häggström's former band Moahni Moahna. Angtoria also do a tasteful cover of the Kylie Minogue songs Confide In Me where Sarah's voice fits perfectly and the song gets some more depth through the riffing guitars that makes it heavier and more solid, with other words better than the original.






9 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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