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Arsis - United In Regret

Published March 08 2007

=Staff's pick

Oh, The Humanity
...And The Blind One Came
United In Regret*
I Speak Through Shadows*
Lust Before The Maggots Conquest*
The Marriage Bed
The Cold Resistance
The Things You Said
Hopeless Truth*

Genre Melodic Death Metal
James Malone
Tracks 9
James Malone
Runningtime 36 Min.
Ryan Knight
Label Willotip Records
Noah Martin
Release 07 Nov. 2007
Darren Cesca
Country USA
Similar artists Pestilence, Arch Enemy, Death, Sadus

Oh, the humanity! What hopeless truth is this? Arsis sure know how to shred dutifully with their diverse technical death like stylings; but, there's too much of the cold resistance and maddening disdain for honest and loving relationships. Arsis verily views vengeance as the marriage bedlam and promise of never. This screams for some serious reconciliation. I've perused an argosy of noteworthy reviews all proclaiming the glory of Arsis; comparing them to their bookend, often times doppleganger - the gruesome Necrophagist. Whereas, Germany's Necrophagist devour the flesh of fantasy; Virginia's Arsis seem fixated on fear and hatred absolute. These souls united in regretful lust, dust, and the celebration of guilt, have mega-forgiveness issues. Perhaps, the lyrics are all rooted in fiction, and vocalist/guitarist Jim Malone, like his mentor - Chuck Shuldiner - is venting and reacting to past scorn; as the philosopher, himself, dealt with an overbearing media. Either way, Arsis definitely have a great deal in common with the Human and Symbolic Destiny of Death.

Marriage is a sacred mettle covenant; which is seldom simple. I've been married for almost seven years, and it is never a dull moment. I truly love my wife; and intuit that forgiveness and communication are essential for our longevity, and the healing to continue to bring us joy. I'm not here to preach, though, but rather to praise. Arsis definitely deserve recognition. I recently caught them live, last month, and was really impressed. I met Jim, who was actually quite endearing (so where does all this heart-wrenching anger stem?). I also got to know Noah Martin, their new bassist. We even agreed to do an interview which you can read. After seeing them, I endeavoured to obtain all their releases, that I would witness firsthand why this band had such a buzz and garnered so many accolades.

Most fans, myself included, agree that the debut - A Celebration Of Guilt - is their best effort. Their follow-up EP - A Diamond For Disease - was also well written, with it's staggering near thirteen minute title track; which was composed as a score for the NYC Ballet Deviare. The stellar Alice Cooper cover of Roses On White Lace also pierced me from within. I can't wait to hear them do Madonna's - Papa Don't Preach. This three song EP was produced by Daath guitarist - Eyal Levi; and mastered by James Murphy.

United In Regret, originally named - Lust Before The Maggots Conquest (what a title!), is also produced by Eyal, but the production is rather thin. The artwork was done by Mark Riddick, but much to the fan's dismay, the Arsis logo was omitted. The record company promised to rectify this by attaching a clear sticker on the jewel case. Overall, the music on Arsis's latest magnum hopeless, is still raging with technical brilliance. New member Noah Martin has proven a qualified replacement with his unique bass sick renderings. Emulating the likes of Steve DiGiorgio, Tony Choy, Roger Patterson, and especially, Cliff Burton, this youthful blood brother promises to showcase even more talent than his 90's era counterparts. The guitar work of Jim and Ryan is exceptional as they channel Andy La Rocque, Michael Amott, and the patrons of Pestilence: Patrick Mameli/Patrick Uterwijk, with puctual persistance. The overzealous drumming of Darren Cesca is dynamite!

United In Regret, I Speak Through Shadows, Lust...Conquest, and Hopeless Truth all bear that mid 90's style similar to Atheist, Sadus, & the connotations of Cynic. The slow burner - The Things You Said, is more drawn out and ingratiating. Now that Arsis have signed with Nuclear Blast, I'm sure that their new CD will surpass all expectations, with even more improved clever ways to recreate their art. I willingly anticipate their next elegant and perverse return with misfortune's envy.

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7 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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