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Athena - Twilight Of Days

=Staff's pick

Twilight of Days*
Till the End
The Way to Heaven's Gates*
Your Fear
Falling Ghosts*
The Highest Tide
Touch My Heart
Lord of Evil*
Take My Life Away
End of a Life
Making the History (bonus track)

Genre Power Metal
Francesco Neretti
Tracks 12
Simone Pellegrini
Runningtime 55 Min.
Graziano Poggetti
Label Noise Records
Fabio Duveri
Release 19 Jan. 2001
Ross Lukather
Country Italy
Gabrielle Guidi
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Athena's Twilight of Days came into my possession after being named "Album of the Month" on Noise official homepage and after I had heard The Way to Heaven's Gates.
But this album is somewhat of a disappointment to me.
As you can guess from the names of the members in the band we're dealing with an Italian power metal band here and the fact that Italians sometimes have great problems with production and sound is crystal clear in this case.

The sound itself is NOT crystal clear though and is way below average of even a just approved production.
The album is produced by the band itself and that mission, I am very sad to say, has utterly failed.
How it can be this bad in this day in age for a band that apparently have a contract with Noise is a bit hard to understand for me. In the beginning I thought there was something wrong with my copy, CD player or something… But enough with the negative aspects for the time being.

The album contains a few really good tracks and the bands' intentions are very good too. I really like the title track and with a way better production the song The Way to Heavens' Gates would have climbed high on my personal top list.
There are other tracks that have good melodies, intros, choruses and such too and the band has got good musicians with a good feel for metal.
So after having heard the album back and forth a few times I begin to really feel for the band.
A talented group of musicians on a recognised label and it comes down to this.

With a much better production next time Athena should really be to reckon with 'cause there's absolutely nothing wrong with their musical skills.
If I could grade The Twilight of Days on the basis on music alone it would be much higher, but for now Athena (very unfortunately) have to settle for a lower number of chalices.






6 chalices of 10 - Mat

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