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Throne Of Chaos - Truth And Tragedy

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Truth And Tragedy

Genre Heavy/Power Metal
Mr. Kiljunen
Tracks 2
Mr. Kiljunen
Runningtime 10 Min.
Mr. Harmaja
Label Spinefarm Records
Mr. Nora
Release 04 May 2002
Teemu Laitinen
Country Finland
Mr. Sjöblom
Similar artists Sentenced

Throne Of Chaos made a big impact on me with their debutalbum Menace And Prayer, since it was an orgy in great riffs in the veins of Children Of Bodom and early In Flames.

I have great expectations on their forthcoming releases, but than I certainly hope that they get a hold of themselves and decide on what kind of music they want to play.
This is very far from the melodic death metal they released on the debut - now they have changed direction completely and are playing some sort of mediocre heavy/power metal without much feeling in it - perhaps because everyone else is doing it and it felt cool to try it out?

The first song Truth And Tragedy have a chorus that can be considered catchy enough to be called acceptable, but that's about it. It is very average and dull and is forgotten 5 seconds after the song has ended.
The growling vocals are now gone in favour for clean, pretty anonymous ones.

The best thing on this single is the Judas Priest cover Nightcrawler - and than that is still not really an especially good version.
That says a lot.....

Please, Throne Of Chaos - go back to what you did better than most metallers: play aggressive, fastpaced melodic death metal - cause this doesn't make many people happy.

But perhaps this is what you really want to play, and than I wish you good luck for the future - cause this will in that case be the last I will hear from you.
There are way better stuff out there to spend time and money on than this.

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4 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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