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Darkthrone - Too Old Too Cold

=Staff's pick

Too Old Too Cold*
High On Cold War*
Love In A Void
Graveyard Slut

Genre Black Metal
Nocturno Culto
Tracks 4
Nocturno Culto
Runningtime 13 Min.
Label Peaceville Records
Nocturno Culto
Release 23 Jan. 2006
Country Norway
Similar artists Bathory, Celtic Frost, Venom

For those of you who eagerly wait for the coming full length The Cult Is Alive from Norways finest cultural defenders Darkthrone, this is the taste of what will come. As I can recall, the release of Too Old Too Cold is the first ever cd single from Darkthrone. Too Old To Cold presents four songs and have a total running time that ends at thirteen minutes. This little blasphemous package includes also a cover with Siouxie And The Banshees song called Love In A Void....

As said, this is a taste of what will come. Darkthrone anno 2006 are even more retroactive than ever I would ever think. The band has always held the flag of the elder classical acts like Bathory, Celtic Frost and Venom very high and I must say that they do it well. The feelings that Darkthrone summon are more than retro, authentic extreme music of the eighties is a better word than retroactive "try to sound old stuff". Darkthrone have a formidable gift in playing extremely primitive music with an even more primitive sound and somewhere on the road they cast the abra cadavra spell and the result is something else than it should be. It's often cool because it's so honest and genuine. Too Old Too Cold has in my ears the same raw simplicity as expected but somewhere they have managed to blend their bitter and cold almost naked music with warm, steamy rock. And the result of this? I would say that it's brilliant. Mean and catchy mid tempo massacre with groove without losing their grip. Too Old To Cold has so much feeling and soul that it would last for a full length.

Best songs are the title track and the extremely hellish High On Cold War. The cover leaves lot to wish for but besides this one Too Old Too Cold leaves me with very high expectations for the coming The Cult Is Alive.






7 chalices of 10 - Tim

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