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Slaughtercult - To Gash The Skin

=Staff's pick

To Gash The Skin*

Genre Death Metal
Robert J, Ronny A.
Tracks 4
Jonas Larsson
Runningtime 12 Min.
Andreas Frizell
Mattias Nilsson
Release Jan. 2005
Jonas Wikstrand
Country Sweden
Similar artists Defleshed

Slaughtercult from Gothenburg, Sweden have sent us their first recording, a thrashed black metallic creation called To Gash The Skin. Slaughtecult saw the dawn back in the summer of 2003, and by reading their press statement for this demo, it took them two years to find the right line-up and touch in their music. I agree totally, as To Gash The Skin has its very own sound and I find it really difficult to find a good description or the similarities to other bands. To Gash The Skin was recorded and released by the band in January 2005.

The first track, simply called Hell, is a very suitable choice by the way it kicks off in very interesting and promising speed and instrumental violence. Let me then put it this way: the first one is the slow ballad on this recording. Then you might be able to guess what this whole demo is all about. Tremendous well performed thrash with bits and elements from both black and death metal, well that may be a very common description, but this is deadly serious stuff. Here you will not find any messy and sleepy solo parts. No unnecessary mid tempo sections, just full speed ahead. Think of Defleshed and you imagine quite good and raw thrash, now add even more brutality and sheer aggression. Then you are close to the result on To Gash The Skin. Did I mention that these dudes have the extremely well working duo of two vocalists? The vocals are very dimensional if I may say so, traditional thrash vocals of the more screaming kind, nice combined with really dark growling that is so tight and well arranged that I just don't know what to say. In my ears it's almost perfect.

What would these guys achieve with a financed recording and a record deal to lean their backs against? I would certainly expect a massive work. To Gash The Skin aren't massive or monumental if we are talking about the aspects of the sound. Its dirty and raw, perhaps just the way they want. I think its good for about two songs than it gets a bit annoying and monotone. But now we are talking a demo production here and shouldn't ask for too much. All music, vocals and arrangements are very good on To Gash The Skin, and I would really recommend this demo to anyone that is into the fine art of thrash, traditional or modern doesn't matter. Slaughtercult have created something really cool and promising here. Great work.






8 chalices of 10 - Tim

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