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Lita Ford - Time Capsule

Published April 09 2016

=Staff's pick

Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight*
Killing Kind*
War Of The Angels*
Black Leather Heart
Rotten To The Core
Little Wing
On The Fast Track
King Of The Wild Wind
Mr. Corruption
Anything For The Thrill

Genre Hard Rock
Lita Ford
Tracks 11
Lita Ford
Running time 44 Min.
Jimmy Tavis
Bass-5 songs
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Billy Sheehan
Bass-3 songs
Release April 15, 2016
Rodger Carter
Country USA
Producer Lita Ford w/ George Tutko
Similar artists ---

Additional personnel (On 1 song each.): Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Chris Holmes (intro - spoken), Greg Buahio and Gene Simmons (bass), Bruce Kulick (guitars), Dave Navarro (mandolin), Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander (backing vocals).

Time Capsule reportedly comprises songs that Lita found on tape in a closet in her house and when you look at the production, her voice and what this effort overall sonically brings, that assertion might in fact have some true relevance. It's meant to come out as a product with some kind of garage vibe all over it and at this certain point she ends up with a somewhat successful result.

This record takes off with probably the worst intro I've ever heard, as Lita's ex-husband and former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes just roars and shouts for his keys to his fictitious Ford. I really can't see the point or understand how such garbage can end up on something that you intend to sell. Wasn't there someone present and fairly awake who could realize that those 95 seconds is one of the most annoying things ever to be put on a record? Some potential buyers of this record will probably never get past that intro and possibly put this creation to rest almost before it has even started.

I think that Lita's delivering a record that contains 3 really nice hard rock songs in total, but it's kind of sad to see that those specific songs already have been released in different versions on her 1995 album, Black. I have never listened to that effort and therefore I was unaware of the 3 songs' existence beforehand and I was actually astounded and confused and wondering heavily why those songs didn't make it to an album in the first place. It was really a bummer to suddenly realize, after listening about 10 times to this record, that all the good songs on it are pretty much non-reviewable due to its earlier form.

If Lita had chosen to put out an EP instead of a full length album, I reckon that this work had been more interesting in the end, because the songs mentioned above are actually ending up better with this kind of demo vibe than they did when they were recorded properly. From song number 5 until the end, it never gets past the point of just being fairly okay and the songs really sound like B-sides all the way.

The whole concept of this album is to me showing nothing more than lack of ideas for new and valid song material and since she's obviously also trying to capitalize on nearly identical material earlier released and knowing that most fans haven't even heard Black, I must stick to my guns and rate this effort low.

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