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Crucified Barbara - 'Til Death Do Us Party

Published February 27 2009

=Staff's pick

Killer On His Knees*
Pain & Pleasure*
Sex Action*
Dark Side*
Can't Handle Love*
Blackened Bones
Danger Danger
Feels Like Death

Genre Heavy Rock 'n Roll
Mia Coldheart
Tracks 11
Klara Force
Runningtime 40 Min.
Label GMR Music
Ida Evileye
Release 27 February 2009
Nikki Wicked
Country Sweden
Similar artists ---

I am not going talk much about the fact that the members of this band are all females. That is completely irrelevant when analyzing the music and judging whether it is any good or not. Quality metal is quality metal regardless of who is playing. The only thing I am going to mention is that most women that sing in harder rock- or metal bands always tend to sound kind of the same when they try to sound aggressive and rough. It becomes a bit too forced and this occupies my attention a little more than it should and sometime takes away the focus from the actual music. It should be mentioned, though, that Mia Coldheart sings way better than average and has a powerful and respectful voice enough.

Musically, I am very surprised. I have never bothered to listen to Crucified Barbara before, only for the reason that what I have read about the music has not woken an urge in me to go out of my way to check them up. I have got the impression that it should be some kind of light and easy party rock, and that is normally not my cup of tea. I now have a very good reason to lend the previous material at last one ear, because if it is close to this when it comes to heaviness, catchyness and melodies, I feel I am in for a real treat.

Killer On His Knees instantly places me in the very same position with its razor sharp guitars and intensity. A great kickstart even though the bridge and the refrain could have been a little bit better to be a real knocker. Pain & Pleasure holds the same high standard with the same kind of bone crushing riffs and this time the chorus is really good so this far into the album I am personally really pumped up.

Sex Action and Creatures do not differ much from the first pair of songs. Good songs, perhaps the first one is a little more party like than the others. After this it never dips significally in quality, the album is very even and the lowest level is very high. The only song that falls out of the frame is the semi-ballad of the album, Jennyfer, which is just a typical and standard saucy thing quickly forgotten.

The songs are overall very riff driven and the guitars take a lot of space, and rightfully so, I have to say. At the same time they have worked very hard on great and fitting melodies and distinct, genius and catchy choruses, and this is where Crucified Barbara do it so much better than many other bands in the same genre. They maintain a great, solid and thick wall of riffs while not for one second forgetting great song melodies, and the fact that they should work together preferably at the same time instead of taking turns.

If they keep this up and develop it in the right direction I predict a very, very bright future for Crucified Barbara. They have for sure gained a new fan in me.








7,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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