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Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal

Published April 02 2007

=Staff's pick

Evil Unleashed
Let Blood Rain*
Rampage Of Revenge*
Infernal Final Carnage
Devoured By Flames
Torn Apart*
Godbeater (Instrumental)*
Killing Spree

Genre Thrash Metal
Pete Evil
Tracks 8
Pete Evil
Runningtime 43 Min.
Dor Amazon
Label Candlelight Records
Release 19 March 2007
Bard Faust Eithun
Country Norway
Similar artists Virus, English Dogs, Onslaught

Forward into battle, let the killing spree commence! The violent force of evil has been unleashed. Prepare to face the Slayer in this metal storm and Blood Tsunami. The homicidal waves are breaking as the winds of vengeance and wrath howl over the raging waters of the possessed. The call of violence and force recon resounds the charge. The troops of doom, hungry for blood, lead us into the infernal final carnage, where there is no return. Fly high the flag of hate over the walls of steel, and pray for death, lest you be torn apart by the Thrash Metal insanity.

Blood Tsunami testify to metal. This is where Norway's legend began. This fevered four piece have made the ultimate sacrifice to play Thrash Metal. This is a sincere metalmorphosis from the standard black metal of Lucifer's heritage. Blood Tsunami will take you on one hell of a ride to Asa Bay area influence with their rampage of revenge. Your mind and soul will be devoured in flames of anger and rage.

Blood Tsunami nominate and savour the speed directly descendant of the Assassin of Germany - who is truly the Kreator of Destruction. They are equally tapping the vein of the bemused Mayhem, their native commrades. It should also be noted that they tend to idolize that dark angle of decadence, by celebrating the moribund dance, and the forbidden heathenish foray, from the shores of the Pacific.

When my copy of Thrash Metal arrived, I instantly noticed the graphic artwork and title. I thought perhaps they might sound like Sacred Steel, or even Majesty. This is not the case, but they are definitely Thrash Metal! They sound the Southern Florida Death knell, as well as hold reverence, waving the banner of belligerence for Lady Britania. I hear the shattered existence of Xentrix, ribald reactions to Re-Animator, and penitential Slammer riffage. Even moreso, I hear the highly underappreciated and oft times overlooked Virus and English Dogs. This makes perfect sense as the brothers bonded, vie in Blood Tsunami, to emulate their icons of speed. They also have their roots in punk, which is evidenced by homage to early Onslaught, or GBH and Discharge.

Actually, the more I play Thrash Metal the more I'm reminded of the extremely rare Combat Records release for Virus - Force Recon. This sounds so much like that album with an early English Dogs' bite; although, the production is more pronounced and updated. Every song is intense and quixotic. My favourite is the insturmental Godbeater - which is so similar to Brainstorm by English Dogs.

The intrepid inclusion of Bard Faust Eithun (Ex Emperor) on drums, sets the pace for a heart racing impulse; and Faust ensures that the Blood Tsunami reign! The guitar retaliatory strike between Pete Evil and Dor Amazon rides the lightning blitz creedence; balanced by bassist Bosse and his disgruntled vociferage.

The only downside to this CD is that Pete has a screaming grind disposition better suited for Black Metal repose. His inchoate elucidations nullify the clarity, making it difficult to decipher his graven utterances. Otherwise, Thrash Metal is essential for all fans of 80's aggression, and even for newer pretenders to the throne like - The Haunted. Spill the blood over me, and let the brood reign!








7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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