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Destruction - Thrash Anthems

Published Jan. 06 2007

=Staff's pick

Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll)
Invincible Force
Release From Agony
Mad Butcher
Sign Of Fear*
Death Trap*
Life Without Sense
Total Desaster
Bestial Invasion*
Reject Emotions
Unconscious Ruins
Curse The Gods*
Cracked Brain

Genre Thrash Metal
Marcel Schirmer
Tracks 15
Mike Sifinger
Runningtime 72 Min.
Label AFM Records
Marcel Schirmer
Release 22 Jan. 2007
Marc Reign
Country Germany
Similar artists Kreator, Exodus, Whiplash, Testament

The invincible force of evil known as Destruction, strike back and again all hell breaks loose. The triune of disatisfied existence, eternally ban together, united by hatred, passionately poised, and willing to continually curse the odds, face any anticipated crisis, and deftly deliver their sentence of death: Thrash Anthems. This in the studio live without sensationalism metal is reforged in fire and ferocity. These caustic cuts will guarantee to be rippin' the flesh apart at the schemes. This monumental discharge is an infernal overbuilt thrash attack retrospective, consisting of made to be broken down time changes, and nailed to the crossection hooks of tortured skull crushing classics, severely refashioned. This soul collection includes 15 eternally devastating, savagely, sinful terror tracks. Thirteen of these cult churns have been reworked. Hear the dictators of cruelly release their frustrated deposition of agony, with profanity. This ravenous best of invasion of the senses will obliterate your incriminated and confused mind. Survive to die, for now is the time to reject emotional ties, and to depose the mad pushover sign of fear; that you may reconquer vigilance. Kiss the black death, and vanquish your torment; or else the defiance will remain. Be bonded by blood, banging your head 'gainst the stage, let your mind rot, and get ready to thrash til death!

Confound with how to adequately satiate the voraciously souless hearts of headbangers, Schmier racked his brain, deeply tapping into his unconscious ruins. After critical rumination, he began his mettle excursion with extreme measures. Once the recording ritual had begun, Schmier and his fraternal band of evil soldiers could never relent or subordinate to the domination; until they had hammered at those heaving orchestrations of instilled fear. These vitriolic vicissitudes vouchsafed veneration, and still stridently sew the sonic seeds of hate. Obviously, the anti-christ massive endeavour, meant that they could not re-record all of their fan favourites; so they concentrated all their all their concerted efforts on the live staples. The primary focus here is on 80's songs from their earlier entourage. Under the vocational tutelage of Jacob Hansen in the studio, this invocator of invention assisted the Mad Butcher brothers to fluidly flesh out several solid selections, by weaving apocalyptic incursions of wrath.

I boldy ascertain that after several violent revolutions in my CD player, this meisterwerk of well-aged and brewed, old lusted after negation, has me held bound. My dour impression is that Destruction have consistently ensnared me in their death trap, personifying the very devastation of my solitude. In fact, this vendetta of wistful vehemence enthralls the live senses; thereby ensuing wracked brain damage, with no need to justify. The final curtailed result is a well produced slab of vocal attitude and sick syncopations. Although, there is a discrepancy with my press sheet, as the song queue is incommensurate with the order of the songs as they actually play. I have been dedicated to Destruction for two decades; so I know their songs quite well.

Holding us in abeyance, and obedient until their next upcoming devastation, we are accursed with two new godly tracks: the prophetic Profanity and damaging Deposition. These pummeling powerhouses evoke the metallic dischord of the newer inventions of evil. We have already heard the modern updated Total Desaster; however, I have read that they are currently working on a video for this. The real elation occurs when hearing new renditions of Death Trap, Invincible Force, and Tormentor. If you are in the mood to thrash, then these ragers will make your heads roll; signalling an imminent concussion. To this day, I still struggle to decipher the early Destruction lyrics; but these acrimonious anthems situate Schmier singing in a more discernible tone; although, his shrill cries are less common; especially on Curse The Gods, which forgoes the trademark intro from Eternal Devastation. His gutteral approach on Bestial Invasion, is reminiscient of Chuck Billy bellowing "Obey!". Hear the hellscorn crunch over the dearth!

To honour Cracked Brain enthusiasts; Schmier performs the title track, originally sung by Andre Grieder, the vocalist from Poltergeist. There are some excellent songs on this release and even though the debut by Headhunter - A Parody Of Life - is far superior, it is cool to hear this updated version. Schmier utterly loathes the Knack cover of My Sharona; viewing this god fodder as slander, so this is a welcomed omission. I would really have been appeased to hear Black Death transfixed, as this is easily my favourite Destruction song; but, I did not expect this. Unconscious Ruins and Sign Of Fear from Release From Agony, their most melodic offering, each carry a powerful punch as well. It would have been radical, if they could have called upon Harry Wilkens' skills to amp up the solos, and perhaps play Incriminated. For this there is no forgiveness. I was also dismayed that they did not include Antichrist, an essential, as there is room enough on the CD. I've heard that Eternal Ban will be available as a bonus track; it had better be!. The intense riffing on these songs show no mercy and slay your spirit! Overall my last judgement is final, if you are a Destruction fan, and you relish in their live atomsfear setlist, then this purchase is a known cracked brainer!

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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