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Feinstein - Third Wish

=Staff's pick

Streaming Star
Third Wish*
Rule The World*
Far Beyond
Poison Ivy*
Live To Ride, Ride To Live

Genre Heavy Metal
John West
Tracks 11
David Feinstein
Runningtime 59 Min.
Label Steamhammer
Jeff Howell
Release 19 April 2004
Nate Horton
Country USA
Bob Twining
Similar artists Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow

The band Feinstein is the result of David Feinstein's - original guitarist with the band Elf (the group that eventually became Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow) and the lead guitarist/vocalist with the now legendary heavy metal trio The Rods - wish for a heavy metal project/band, and the result is good. It has not much to do with The Rods as this is very basic and classic heavy metal with focus of well composed standard, simple and basic riffs, and verses and refrains performed by clean, yet powerful vocals. A lot of work has been put into good melodies and strong choruses. The microphone is controlled by Artension/Royal Hunt singer John West and he really lifts the whole album on his strong voice, perfectly suitable for this type of metal.

Quite some hints of Black Sabbath from the Headless Cross And Tyr era can be found here, as well as some Dio (which by the way is cousin with Mr. Feinstein) and Rainbow and just plain ordinary hard rock elements. In fact the song Far Beyond starts off in a way that made me think that a cover of Dio's Holy Diver was coming up. The riff is almost a twin to the immortal original. But I let that one pass, as that is the only time it happens during the whole album. I would like to think of that as a charming miss in an otherwise great production, or perhaps even a homage to a great legend. The rest of the material bares enough personality to stand well on its own.

The tempo is constantly in more or less mid tempo, but there is still a good flow and groove through out the album. A few uptempo tracks breaks in every now and then (Regeneration, Streaming Star, Masquerade) and these are very welcome. Pure classic metal, and the possibility to sit still is almost non existing. Very nice 80's atmosphere clad in a modern shape. Also worth mentioning, is that co-producing was none less than Manowars Joey DiMaio. A few songs might fall a tiny bit behind, but in whole it keeps a high lowest level and the album is well worth to check up for you who like your metal basic and 80's like.






8 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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