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Neandertahl - Their Sprawling Bodies Imperfectly Embalmed

Published November 28 2009

=Staff's pick

Usurper In The Dark
Mother And Father Deep
Their Crawling Chaos*
Timeless Guardian*
The Mountain Moves

Genre Melodic Technical Death Metal
Darren Lavery
Tracks 5
Aleem Raza
Runningtime 24 Min.
Stu Pendergast
Label Self released
Darren Lave
Release 12 September 2009
Shakeel Raza
Country England
Similar artists Carcass, Arch Enemy, Pestilence

Neandertahl thawed out, and stood erect, ready to thrust forth back in 2005. As reactionary recusants never set in their ways, these beasts of manic panic performed in their homeland, and abroad, remonstrating their talent for groove-laden technical melodic death like conditions.

The basis for the band's evolution sprung forth from a desire for the Raza brothers Aleem and Shakeel (drummer in Hospital Of Death) to do something different, and challenging. The original five piece line-up recorded their first (EP) 'The Delicate Shift through Corpulence'.

Many line-up alterations down the line, they have spawned their new (EP) - 'Their Sprawling Bodies Imperfectly Embalmed'. This conceptual release elucidates that the band are more focused, more attentive, progressive, and better rehearsed; ready to make a name for themselves internationally.

I have been enjoying the most recent Arch Enemy release - 'The Root Of All Evil'. I was always a fan of the early albums with Sweden's own Hearse vocalist - Johan "Liiva" Axelsson. It is cool to hear how Angela adapts her voice to sound like the older, more brutal style, while still maintaining her own perspective, and range. I just wish I had the Japanese pressing with the two bonus tracks: Wings Of Tomorrow (Europe Cover) & Walk In The Shadows (Queensrÿche Cover)!

The latest Pestilence album - 'Resurrection Macabre' which I reviewed earlier this year, and the new Asphyx - 'Death...The Brutal Way' - verify that I still have a tolerance for technical, melodic metal; even if so many of these new Metalcore bands, or even Necrophagist, Arsis, and S.W.A..A.T.S. (Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky), and the bevy of most Nuclear Blast Death acts just do not appeal to me.

In directing my focus to the new Cynic - 'Traced In Air' - I found it to be boring and lifeless; however, the syzygial comparison with the new miscreancy of Hellwitch's - 'Omnipotent Convocation', verifies that this sub-genre is viable and relevant. I highly recommend embarking upon the neolithic journey with Hellwitch to experience their mythologicalies.

I have always been a Carcass fan, and I actually love 'Necroticism' more than 'Heartwork' (I know...Blasphemy!) I guess I will not tell you how much At The Gates - 'Slaughter Of The Soul' sucks, oops I just did! Check out 'Red In The Skies Is Ours'! I was disappointed that I did not get a chance to see the choice cuts of Carcass on their reunion tour.

When Aleem Raza approached me about reviewing his new (EP), I was a bit reticent. However, since I strongly support H.O.D., I agreed to check it out, willingly, and open to new possibilities.

Both Stu and Shakeel from H.O.D. play on this (EP), and it is pretty damn good, for what it is. The Carcass and early Arch Enemy elements are quite pronounced, and obvious. Michael Amott's style is the underlying current which keeps the music fresh and not too complex.

"Usurper In The Dark" sets the tone with a chugging pace similar to Mastodon or Meshuggah - two other bands of whom I do not care for, or seldom play. "Mother And Father Deep" ends with some terrific shredding. "The Crawling Chaos" has some jazzy fluctuations, and Darren does his best Jeff Walker taxing range altercations...did I just hear the words "Mortal Coil"?

I doubt Neandertahl are fluffers, nor do they want to keep on rockin' in the free world of Carcass cuntry, but they do take their music seriously. This shows the true talent of Stu Pendergast, who thinks himself to not be that proficient, and Malmsteen to be a god! Shak's steady drumming keeps the momentum, amidst the rollercoaster ride of riff arrangements, and signature time changes.

It is hard to believe this is only an (EP). The songs flow real well, and the music is infectious. The solos on "Timeless Guardian", along with the stop go animated guitar histrionics, and the appealing solos, clearly call to mind a reflection of Pestilence, and Patrick Mameli's presence of the dead.

I am thankful for being given the opportunity to step outside my shell, and review a band, whose style is not one of which I indulge too heavily upon, normally.

Last night I played the awesome song "Mother, Father", but it was by Journey on the remastered version of the awesome 'Escape' album. This is a far cry from the numinous escalade of "The Mountain Moves". I think I just heard the solo from "Beast Of Man"?....just kidding!

If you are a fan of this style, stand tall, and evolve with Neandertahl, and do not hesitate to get a free download of the new H.O.D.!!!








7 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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