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Harmony - Theatre Of Redemption

Published November 24 2014

=Staff's pick

The Window Of My Soul*
Crown Me King
Son Of The Morning
What If
Theatre Of Redemption*
You Are
Hands Of Time
In Search Of

Genre Melodic/Prog. Power Metal
Daniel Heiman
Tracks 10
Markus Sigfridsson
Running time 51 Min.
Label Ulterium Records
Raphael Dafras
Release 28 November 2014
Tobias Enbert
Country Sweden
John Svensson
Producer M. Sigfridsson, T. Enbert
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Harmony's third record and given that number 1 and number 2 were released in 2003 and 2008 respectively, this outfit can hardly claim to be productive at any point in terms of album releases. We are now offered a rather varied record which includes melodic and slightly progressive elements behind a power metal foundation. The record is generally a rather satisfying effort, although I sense a lack of songs that are able to crawl inside my skin to a position where they can really grab a hold of me. Some of them definitely do, but a majority of the tracks don't have the capacity to really burst out into full bloom.

The singer Daniel Heiman made an appearance on one song on Harmony's latest effort, Chapter II: Aftermath, and now he has been given the opportunity to handle the vocal duties on the whole album personally. To me, he's still mostly known for having had a brilliant future underway with the heavy metal unit Lost Horizon in the early 2000's. Things didn't eventually pan out on a personal level though and soon they went separate ways and Heiman has since spent most of his time, in a musical aspect, doing guest appearances or one off contributions in various constellations.

He does himself most justice when he is allowed to vary his vocals with piercing and sharp cries on top. A style which he unfortunately hasn't really been given the room for, to develop his skills even further, since he left the above mentioned band. To avoid any misunderstandings, I must really point out that he still sings damn good, but he has anyway ended up in the shadows of his past efforts and on this new release, he doesn't reach the high water mark of his glory days.

Even though it's not a really distinctive matter when looking at the whole album, the music comes out a little complex from time to time. The guys' truly handles their duties well, but it also takes a lot of feeling to create songs that in the end can turn out great and at this important crossroad I think that Harmony actually doesn't succeed on a regular basis. I can't say that any songs are fillers and factually there's nothing bad about this record whatsoever, but since it doesn't contain so much highly desirable stuff either, my final opinion stays at a rather good record with a few songs as occasional peak efforts.

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6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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