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Anihilated - The Ultimate Desecration (2008 Remastered Edition)

Published February 04 2009

=Staff's pick

Into The Flames Of Armageddon*
Skinned Alive*
Lost Souls
Lethal Dose*
No Rest For The Wicked*
Internal Darkness*
Legacy Of Hate*
Enter The Realm*
Bloodsport (Live)*
Shattered (Live)*
No Rest For The Wicked (Live)

Genre Thrash Metal
Simon "Si" Cobb
Tracks 13
Simon "Si" Cobb
Runningtime 57 Min.
Mark Beuchet
Label Marquee Records
Lee Hittman
Release 10 September 2008
Country England
Similar artists Broken Bones, Virus, English Dogs

I invite you upon a sacred journey to enter the realm of the British Thrashmasters elite. It is time to experience the lethal dose of Anihilated. After hearing the thunderflash and spell of consideration, these lads created, all honour and respect will be shown as the ultimate veneration for their legacy of late.

These innocent victors originated as street punks united by the common thread of radical honesty. After listening to early Slayer and Metallica,, they began to fashion more thrash style metal riffs, assimilating their punk ancestry with melodic benefactions.

Akin to their mates in English Dogs, Virus, or Onslaught, a new era of UK speed metal was created in hard core attrition. This thrash heritage, borne on the shoulders of those who opposed tyranny, would show no mercy toward corrupt politicians, and fat cat warmongers.

On the never ending path to destruction, many bands gave into corporate label demands, and either compromised their sound, or disbanded. Anihilated never caved under the pressure -remaining true to their mettle hearts - creating a legacy of faithful followers.

Thankfully, their much sought after albums - Created In Hate and The Ultimate Desecration have been remastered and repackaged with lyrics, band photos, and bonus live tracks; now made available through Marquee Records, and Anihilated's My Space page.

The Ultimate Desecration is a thrash masterpiece combining excellent compositions, with lyrics seriously concerned with issues like: social injustice, animal rights (Skinned Alive), environmental concerns (Internal Darkness), the horrors of war (Into the Flames Of Armageddon / No Rest For The Wicked), inane drug abuse (Lethal Dose / Enter The Realm), corporate greed, and their ilk of human blindness.

Incisively, Anihilated captured the speed, energy, angst, and enthusiasm of Discharge, The Exploited, Broken Bones, and G.B.H. and created their own metal force of ascetic agitation.
Later artists like Xentrix, Re-Animator, Acid Reign, and perhaps, even Carcass, would continue the tradition, inspired by Anihilated.

Their mettle mixture of crossover aggression, combined with melodic delivery is why The Ultimate Desecration is essential for any thrash connoisseur. I shan't be thrasonical, but Anihilated created an ineluctable sound - in the shadow of fear - which many would later emulate, borrow, and cautiously misappropriate.

Anihilated were pioneers in creating awareness for often non-commonplace relevance. They remained punk in their hearts with a sense of self - empowerment, mindful awareness, and alacrity; and a sincere DIY (Do It Yourself) mentality. They remain true to this day, having reformed, and re-united with a voracity for veracity to create more hastened heedful alertness, and rescue all lost souls - being led to the slaughter - trapped in the superjail of their minds by limiting beliefs.

Simon's stammering sick, crust-filled skull pulse and hollowed pitch subjugates, relentlessly. Mark's final daunting command of the strings surges with a fretful disarray. Bod's beleaguered foreboding, pummeling drum dynamics leaves the listener shattered in existence. All in all - there's something unprecedented about the edifice of their intent.

The CD initiates with the marching chaotic cadence of Desolation, leading Into The Flames Of Armageddon. Then, the rapturous display of power and passion seizes your very senses. Once the heart wrenching Skinned Alive awakens your spirit, you have become enthralled and captivated in the presence of Anihilated. The aftermath of this barrage of blatant butchery, will remand you into atonement with the never-free doomed seals' senseless suffering.

As the thrust force conviction of Lost Souls sears you forlorn M.I.A. memory, Lethal Dose will find you addicted to the chaos and insanity - leaving no rest for the wicked. The Greenhouse Effect suggested by the brooding silhouette of Internal Darkness - with its promulgated fates warning for global warming - rings true today, as we witness the annihilating effects of several vile adulterations of our atmosfear.

The pending nuclear blast of Legacy Of Hate alludes to a self-fulfilling prophecy. The euphoric, toxic, noxious quality of Enter The Realm is hypnotizing, and penetrating. The murky spite, or wicked haunt of the terminal Exeunt leaves the listener with an assignation of mortal dread.

I assert that if you can honestly play this album without the healthy appetite for fist banging mania, and mind-shattered mortification, thrash is not your bag!

The bonus live tracks Bloodsport and Shattered taken from their Live EP, before they called it quits first time around, substantiate that Anihilated have the might and minerals to go down in history as innovators of the often emulated, truly appreciated, but never mirrored UK Thrash attack.

I beseech you, no more hesitation, procrastination,, or excuses, seize the opportunity to own Anihilated's extant legacy of attitude, empathy, and perseverance.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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