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Lykaion - The Things I've Left

Published Nov. 12 2006

=Staff's pick

Desert Of Emotions*
Not A Farewell

Genre Goth/Heavy/Prog. Metal
Tiziana Palmieri
Tracks 4
Alessandro Sforza
Runningtime 21 Min.
Fabio Valentini
Valerio Miseferi
Release June 2006
Andrea Alberati
Country Italy
Similar artists Katatonia

If I say that the Italian band Lykaion has a female vocalist, you think you know how this sounds, don't you? So did I, but Lykaion does not have a typical Italian sound, think more of an American sound instead. The band formed in 2000 and with The Things I've Left they put out their third demo, and furthermore the first with the current setting containing a female voice in Tiziana Palmieri. Nevermore, Katatonia, Opeth amongst other are names that are being dropped in the info about the band that comes with the demo, and I can easily see why when I listen to the demo.

First track, Desert Of Emotions, nevertheless sounds more like something in the regions of German band Guano Apes. It is almost like a diet version of metal but it has the right attitude, although it has at the same a mainstream sound. It has gothic influences, driving guitars and a refrain with a melodic hook, although it appears to come out as mature, well performed, well written and a well produced track. Not A Farewell is a little slower song that has a nice flow to it, as it floats almost dreaming with wonderful and luring guitar-lines. Those luring guitar is to be found in all of the songs and they surely help to give the band its progressive sound. Not A Farewell has the gothic touch from Paradise Lost and the progressive touch from Queensrÿche and the combination with the own sound from Lykaion makes a good mix, even if it isn't a standout song.

Bands like Nevermore and Katatonia seem to be a big influence to Lykaion. Even though they are not as heavy as Nevermore or as progressive as Katatonia, those bands have left their marks in the sound of Lykaion. Serenity is doubtless in the vein of progressive metal with the heavy riffing and song-structure but Tiziana who otherwise sings really good looses herself on this one, she has the ability to both sound light and soft as well as aggressive. I don't know what she is trying to do here but she sings differently and indistinct and partly all beauty flies out the window on this track which is the weakest on the demo. Last, but definitely not least, we have the track Emptiness, and finally some more power. This is faster, more aggressive and heavier in true Nevermore style, and her aggressive side of her voice comes out superb. My recommendation is to make more tracks like this in the future.

Lykaion appears to me to be a mature band considering song-writing and musical skills, and I don't see why any label should not sign them. With The Things I've Left I believe they show themselves worthy and ready to have the ability to become an established act, although some polishing is not out of place. This will be a band that hopefully will be fun to watch the development of and to see how far they can go. I smell potential.






6 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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