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Ingested - The Surreption

Published June 12 2011

=Staff's pick

Crowning The Abomination*
The Consequence
A Coming Unpercieved*
This Disgusting Revelation
Castigation And Rebirth
Manifesting Obscenity*
The Alpha*

Genre Brutal Technical Death Metal
Jason Evans
Tracks 11
Sam Yates
Runningtime 42 Min.
Sean Hynes
Label Siege Of Amida
Brad Fuller
Release 06 June 2011
Lyn Jeffs
Country England
Producer -
Similar artists Carnifex

Manchester hailing grinddeathsquadron Ingested returns to deliver yet another sonic punch in our face about the more sordid sides of human nature. The Surreption is just as devastatingly aggressive as the band's debut Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering, and if you're looking for songs about love and understanding, you are wise to look somewhere else, because on this record you get songs about violence, suffering and death delivered with a abysmally deep growl.

In the discipline of playing music as brutal as a wreckingball, Ingested holds the highest grade, and this is of course something to hold in mind - or else you will be disappointed. For fans of this kind of truly brutal music, though, The Surreption will lead to high cheers of delight as very little has changed since the debut. In a subgenre where change is often spelled deterioration the bands really get fanatical fans, albeit a smaller following than when playing more mainstreamoriented music. In Ingested's case this is kind of sad as I really think that the band has progressed - especially in writing really good songs.

Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering was in my ears mostly about demonstrating the skill of playing really fast and delivering a heaviness as to make the listener choke on the inside. The Surreption has these elements, but the band has been kind enough to include some chances of catching one's breath this time around. Also, the production is considerably better, which makes for a bit more easy listening experience.

Playingwise we're dealing with tech-masters. Drummer Lyn Jeffs is pummeling away like the energizer-bunny from hell this kind of music needs, the stringwork is executed beautifully by Sam Yates and Sean Hynes and the bass - comendably audible - is deftly played by Brad Fuller. Add to this a very versatile singer in Jason Evans who has the attack in the screamsinging as well as the depth in the growl that makes me not tire at all at the vocaldelivery and you get a very complete band.

I have a hard time finding any weak tracks on The Surreption, and to want more variation would be to negate the nature of the subgrenre of brutal technical death metal. These kind of records are supposed to be brutally technical and heavy and the songs are to be executed with extreme tightness. Period. Seen in this light The Surreption is a excellent record that deserves a high grade.

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8 chalices of 10 - Martin

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