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Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption

=Staff's pick

The Stench Of Redemption
Death To Jesus*
Crucified For The Innocence*
Walk With The Devil In The Dreams You Behold*
Homage For Satan*
Not Of This Earth*
Never To Be Seen Again
The Lord´s Sedition

Genre Death Metal
Glen Benton
Tracks 9
Jack Owen
Runningtime 38 Min.
Ralph Santolla
Label Earache
Glen Benton
Release 21 Aug. 2006
Steve Asheim
Country USA
Similar artists Vital Remains

Death Metal inquistadores Deicide are back. After all infernal and infected affairs with memberchanges, The Stench Of Redemption stands ready to be uncovered. I didn't exactly know what kind of expectation I should have on this album. During the last ten years it feels like Deicide have gone on and on more on tradition and lost the dedication and devotion that could be heard on early albums like the debut and the in my ears excellent Legion album.

I remember their last work Scars Of The Crucifix with a bit twisted taste in my mouth, half excellent and half mediocre. I admit that I after a while realised that the Scars Of The Crucifix album perhaps wasn't what it seemed to be at a first look. A good album but far from brilliant. And after the departure of the Hoffman brothers the future looked a bit gloomy but when Steve Asheim and Glen Benton later announced the new line up including the two guitar virtuoses Ralph Santolla (ex. Iced Earth) and Jack Owen (ex. Cannibal Corpse) there were several reasons to be excited.

The Stench Of Redemption seems to be some kind of awakening for the band. As a friend of mine said; "It feels like a comeback, you know like an old friend you haven't seen for years". Well, I can't do anything else than agree. The Stench Of Redemption is a massive album in many ways. The music has more angles than ever before and feels very direct. There are no doubts about the fact that both Owen and Santolla stand for a lethal injection to the music.

Still it is the quiet man behind the drums that contributes and writes the musical material, and I don't think that things can go wrong when you add the alchemic and refining touch on the harmonies in a way that Santolla and Owen has done this time. The guitar works on The Stench Of Redemption is absolutely in a league of their own, not in a technical way or so, its more about great and really mean melodies. It is extremely well played. Ok, there are some solo parts that perhaps are a bit too happy and catchy but over all it's more than ok. Razor sharp riffings, neverending ferocious attacks from Asheims battery together with a man who's vocals havent sounded so good and inspiring for.... I dont know how many years.

Very good production, clean and heavy in a good mix. Crushers like Death To Jesus, Homage to Satan, Crucified For The Innocence and Walk With The Devil In The Dreams You Behold show that Deicide are back to conquer the scenes. A well used cliché perhaps but The Stench Of Redemption really kicks ass!

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9 chalices of 10 - Tim

This is indeed a good album and definitely one of the best since Once Upon The Cross, but I don't think it works all the way. I love the melodies and the song writing has increased with the entrance of the new guitarists but there are quite a few parts where the songs have a bit of a messy structure. The vocals are brutal but now almost too brutal, I feel. They used to be better and more articulate. Good, but I settle at a slightly lower grade.//Tommy (7 of 10)

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