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Into Eternity - The Scattering Of Ashes

Published Oct. 21 2006

=Staff's pick

Novus Inceptum
Severe Emotional Distress*
Timeless Winter*
A Past Beyond Memory
Surrounded By Night*
Pain Through Breathing
Suspension Of Disabelief*

Genre Prog./Mel. Death Metal
Stu Block/Tim Roth
Tracks 11
Tim Roth
Runningtime 41 Min.
Label Century Media
Troy Bleich
Release 03 October 2006
Jim Austin
Country Canada
Similar artists Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Forbidden

These last few weeks have felt like a timeless winter of my own discontent. My languished lethargy and apparent apathy have kept me torn, spiraling into depression; drowning in the despondency, caused by severe emotional distress. These splintered visions of vicious viscocity have left me sinking behind into a blank sea of agony and acrimony. My persistant pain through breeding contempt and scornful dissidence has exacerbated my own personal indifference. I have become paralyzed by the illusion of fear and sorrow - an imagination overdose. This very suspension of this belief has now reached its morose conclusion,; stupified by a point of uncertainty, pending instant clarity.

All this drama changed, when I decided to dive into eternity's hallowed, eternal elysium dream. Playing this CD resulted in absolution of my sole suspension of grief, and abeyance of fear. I'm truly surrounded by light, and no longer embraced by desolation. I have experienced a new beginning of the endless possibilities that occur with the scattering of the ashes of judgement. There is an inner serenity attained once the listener begins to identify with the exceptional talent of this very resolved band of backbone and determination.

Canada's Into Eternity are clearly one of North America's most diligent true metal acts today. They have consistantly toured, earning them quite a loyal following. They just recently finished playing as openers for the second Gigantour bill. This is all owing to the fact that founding member - guitar recherche' - Tim Roth and drummer Jim Austin never surrender, in spite of countless rotating line-ups. In 2005 they welcomed vocalist Stu Block to their ranks just prior to opening for Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Nevermore, and Amorphis. Stu's vocal range incorporates every aspect of metal's ceremonious longevity. He can sing low and then rip out a belting high. All words being sung are easily recognized and interpreted. His glass shattering octaves rival a certain epicene painkiller priest. At this juncture, Into Eternity also invited bassist Troy Bleich to the fold. This solidified line-up is the metal meld of technicality and sonic brutality. Tim is an awesome axeman; he seriously shreds and solos subtley, all the while contributing his unique vocal growls. Jim Austin is an intense drummer who really knows when to play fast and furious, or mildly melodic.

When the time came to record this new CD, the band returned home to Regina and enlisted the engineering talent of Grant Belcher at Touchwood Studios. Then they called in the very busy Andy Sneap to perform the final mix. The lasting result is a flawless metal masterpiece which will appeal to all metal genres of appreciation. They also once again enlisted the artistic bent of Mattias Noren to grace their exquisite cover art. Every song on this pithy term of endearment truly echoes genius and agility; a talisman of truism and mettle. From the onset and angst of Severe Emotional Distress, to the schizophrenic narrative Nothing and the bursting Out, or the Maidenesque Surrounded By Night, right up to the fretboard olympics of A Past Beyond Memory, itself a guitar work of art; each song lures the listeners into mystical, musical bliss. The sing-a-long chorus of Suspension Of Disbelief will even appeal to one's more contemporary commercial interest.

I raise the forbidden chalices of blood and beauty for Into Eternity and the magnificient music which they create. Whether you like power metal, or prefer to choose death; this band has something to offer us all. Into Eternity know how to embody the invisible; never losing a sense of their own unique individuality by breaking the silence through virtue of their impeccable arrangements. All this makes them a timeless winner in my book!

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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