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Crashdïet - The Savage Playground

Published January 18 2013

=Staff's pick

Change The World*
Cocaine Cowboys
Lickin' Dog
Sin City
Got A Reason
Drinkin' Without You*
Snakes In Paradise
Damaged Kid
Garden Of Babylon*

Genre Glam Metal
Simon Cruz
Tracks 13
Martin Sweet
Running time 59 Min.
Label Frontiers Records
Peter London
Release 25 January 2013
Eric Young
Country Sweden
Producer Otto Wellton
Similar artists ---

Fourth album from Sweden's glam metallers Crashdïet. With lead vocalist Simon Cruz's second release, this band now has a solid lineup and will probably continue the path closer to fame in our small metal community.

With lyrics about light porn, society, girls, intoxication, etc, they continue the legacy of glam and hair metal. The sound quality is poor for 2013. I guess it's a shot to recreate an older sound and if so, they're kind of successful on that matter. Naturally it doesn't sound like in the eighties all the way and I think they have taken it one step too far. It's like they've recorded the album and then suddenly decided to use technology to sort out newer technology in form of smudging.

Through the album, I find many ups and some downs. Change The World opens the album in a blast, glam metal speaking, that is. The first single, Cocaine Cowboys is also good track, even if it doesn't reach top 4. Circus is a riffing piece and I enjoy the tempo changes in the song and the solo. I also love the stolen melody, I can't remember from where though, in Drinkin' Without You and this track will definitely be single number two, if they want to reach a bigger audience. The last song, the heavy Garden Of Babylon, is a seven minute killer song and when played live, the fans will go nuts.

The miserable and worthless Sin City should be erased from all tapes to prevent humans from hearing it ever again. The filler of all fillers. The drums are plain and indescribably lame and the song's melody belongs in the gutter outside some brothel. The ballad, Excited, is also nothing I enjoy. Juvenile lyrics and totally weak, even if the chorus is pretty decent.

I haven't listen to a full Crashdïet album since their debut Rest In Sleaze and I must say that this new album is way better, even if the debut wasn't so bad. If it wasn't for those two fishbaits I mentioned above, The Savage Playground would have received an even greater rating. More songs don't equal a better product. The best songs are nothing but awesome and with a few pushes on skip on your remote, this is a pleasant trip, even if I have my questions about the sound quality. Fans to this band should order this album right away, because I know for a fact that you won't be disappointed, but since I review the full album and not the ten best songs, I stay at 7 chalices.








7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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