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Anthrax - The Greater Of Two Evils

=Staff's pick

Metal Thrashing Mad
Caught In A Mosh*
Among The Living
Keep In The Family*
I Am The Law*
Belly Of The Beast*
Be All End All*

Genre Thrash Metal
John Bush
Tracks 14
Scott Ian
Runningtime 73 Min.
Rob Caggiano
Label Nuclear Blast
Frank Bello
Release 24 Nov. 2004
Charlie Benante
Country USA
Similar artists ---

The Greater Of Two Evils is not a new studio album from thrash legends Anthrax, it is new recordings of old songs as voted by the fans in a poll they had running at their website. The current singer John Bush takes on older stuff that was originally done by the first two Anthrax vocalists Neil Turbin and Joey Belladonna, and Bush as well as the rest of the band does an outstanding great job of breathing some new life into these already great songs. For me who learned to love Anthrax with the arrival of John Bush this is brilliant, even if I suspect that older fans might have a different view upon this with statements like; classic songs are not to be tampered with. But if you like me discovered the bands older albums and great collection of songs after John Bush entered and has always wondered how they would sound sung by him, since in my opinion he is the better vocalist out of the three - this is definitely is an album you got to have.

The naive feeling might not be the same as on the classic originals but the intensity and passion comes shining through here just as good and even more at some points. It further proofs how timeless the mighty moshing thrash metal from Anthrax is. Even if it is updated versions, the strength lies mostly in the sound of the production, and the way they handle their old songs, which is with the outmost respect, and they sound the same way as they are supposed to sound like. Anthrax recorded this album live in the studio over a two-day period and they play tight as hell, just as one could wish for and I actually think many of the songs come out better than the originals, not least regarding the vocals.

It feels rather useless to describe how Anthrax sound with these tracks. If you are an old fan you are already familiar with them, and if you haven’t heard them this should be a perfect introduction to a legendary bands' earlier years. And it is hard to complain about the selection of songs as they are voted by the fans but Got The Time is missed by me. But if I don’t recall totally wrong it was skipped due to the fact it is actually is a cover song. So what is left to say? Well nothing I guess, just put the CD in the stereo and turn up the volume knob to eleven and just let yourself go crazy with songs like Caught In A Mosh, Indians or why not the ultra fast Gung-Ho to let yourself really go Metal Thrashing Mad.

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9 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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