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Dismember - The God That Never Was

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The God That Never Was
Shadows Of The Mutilated
Time Heals Nothing
Never Forget, Never Forgive
Trail of The Dead
Phantoms (Of The Oath)*
Into The Temple Of Humiliation
Blood For Paradise
Feel The Darkness
Where No Ghost Is Holy

Genre Death Metal
Matti Kärki
Tracks 11
David Blomqvist
Runningtime 35 Min.
Martin Persson
Label Regain Records
Tobias Christiansson
Release 27 Feb. 2006
Fred Estby
Country Sweden
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Dismember, the classic and long running swedish death metal act, made a good "comeback" to their good, old selves with the album Where Ironcrosses Grow (2004) which I think had a nice groove and flow and the songs were with a few exceptions very good.

In the shadow of that album, this is a big disappontment. It goes on routine and autopilot and practically none of the songs have any memorable hooks or riffs. Most of the material go in their characteristic and crushing style but approximatly half of the songs or even more all sounds pretty much the same and they could just as well have been the same song, and that song is not even good to begin with. I think they rushed in to the studio way too quick this time without having any real good ideas to work with. The arrangements sound sloppy and messy and make the already from the beginning mediocre songs even worse to listen to.

The only things that stick out are the occasional melodic bits here and there, and this time they are almost unusually melodic according to Dismember standards. Sometimes almost heavy/power metal-like. The instrumental track Phantoms (Of The Oath) is an example of this and I think it says something about the album when I say that it is really nothing special but still the best track on the album...

But, save just a few, the other melodic parts sound a bit misplaced on the rest of the otherwise uninspired and unfocused album. They don't fit since there is no groove to back it up in a proper way and it just sounds bad. Full force ahead and aggressivness do not alone make an album good and when it on top of it all is badly done, it turns plain and utter ridiculous. A boring relese of gargantuan proportions and far from the level of the old and glorius days.

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3,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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