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Amulet - The First

Published September 24 2014

=Staff's pick

Evil Cathedral
Glint Of The Knife
The Gauntlet
Bloody Night
Heathen Castle
The Flight
The Sacrifice
Mark Of Evil*
Wicked ´N Cruel*
Black Candle
Trip Forever

Genre Heavy Metal
Jamie Elton
Tracks 13
Heathen Steven
Running time 41 Min.
Nippy Blackford
Label Century Media
Bill Dozer
Release 22 September 2014
Dave Sherwood on Drums
Country England
Producer Jamie Elton
Similar artists ---

With its full length debut album, British unit Amulet is trying hard and is also in fact rather successful in its quest to sonically find an atmosphere deriving from around three decades ago, to a time when real heavy metal was really starting to get established around the world. This phenomenon doesn't necessarily make this effort something awesome or a mega achievement, since the songs' outcome is first and foremost what matters in terms of a great record.

If Amulet was from a different age, the band's music would probably land somewhere in the variety of bands in the early eighties that didn't quite make it, simply because they weren't good enough to compete with the giants, since their songs were of lower standards than what the more successful bands did come up with. Certainly this band is able to reactivate this distant period in metal, with both feelings of breathing metal until death and a decisive flow, yet at the same, it feels a little too ineffectual overall to fully satisfy my needs, desires and demands.

A lot of the material on this record is hailing from pretty much the same formula. The band definitely doesn't step away from its chosen course and in the end it turns out to a somewhat monotonous experience when you decide to listen to it again and again and again like I have done. Personally I feel that the riffs are somehow a little recognizable all throughout the record and Jamie Elton's vocals mostly end up in more or less the same tones, not harmonizing with what I'm looking for.

If you're into this type of retro metal and you feel that modernity isn't your thing, then it might be worth checking out this release as a complement to your old favorite bands. On the other hand, if you're fed up with bands trying to benefit from what was created by other musicians in the past, you're probably better off by leaving this album be.








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