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All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals

=Staff's pick

This Calling*
Not Alone
It Dwells In Me
We Stand
Whispers (I Hear You)*
The Weak Willed*
Become The Catalyst
The Air That I Breathe*
Empty Inside

Genre Metal
Philip Lebonte
Tracks 11
Oli Herbert
Runningtime 39 Min.
Mike Martin
Label Prosthetic Records
Jeanne Sagan
Release 11 July 2006
Shannon Lucas
Country USA
Similar artists Arch Enemy, Testament, Nevermore

All That Remains hail and call from the metal-core Mecca of Massachusetts. Their latest indictment itself remonstrating the fallacy of ideals, may be laconic; yet it wails and whispers the iconic culling of pure mettle. Philip Lebonte may dare dichotomously to dance between brutal banter and sharp penetrating vocal histrionics; but this does not classify the band as merely being metal -core. All That Remains have become the catalyst for angry tempered passionately powerful melodies. All That Remains are not alone in this resurgence and revivification of a classic metal sound. Several new bands now yearn to unearth the previous past-time metal glory.

Guitarists Oli and Mike have truly been trained as soldiers of steel in metal boot camp. Mike Martin's appetite for destruction will drive you crazy thinking it's so easy to slash and thrash with his useful elusive patience. Oli Herbert himself has earned a degree in music appreciation, and he studied under the tutelage of Frank Aresti of Fates Warning fame. His never lost angered adoration for Andy LaRocque clearly shines through in his graceful guitar guise. I also hear the music of Arch Enemy, Sanctuary, Megadeth, and even certain European power metal artists bleeding through as an influence. The cowering weak will wince once they undergo the chaotic crush of Philip's punishing prudence; after they succumb to Shannon's shameless deadly drumming, as he demonstrates his desire for extreme death metal. Mad maiden Jeanne Sagan sagaciously plays her bass like Rachel Bolan. Her uncouth, gone wild, approach is apparent with this kid rowing out rollicking rhythms. She also emulates "Iron Harry" as she picks away at her own peace of mind.

When Philip sings on tracks like the The Weak Willed or Become The Catalyst, he evokes Chuck Billy's low testament to baritonality, as well as Dani's filthy lacquer. Philip may also be compared to Anders Friden on cuts like Whispers and It Dwells In Me. The opening speed of Six sick section will just floor you, until it's melodic breakdown blows you away. After several intense revolutions, I'm instantly ensconced in all that remains of the sweaty air that I breathe, almost choking on the vile bi-lines of linguistic fortitude; yet still never feeling empty inside. Lyrically, the majority of the songs' subject matter concentrates on self empowerment and rising up against authority. Other themes embrace the pain and anguish of heart wrenching relationships.

All That Remains easily have the tenacity to follow in the shadows of the more successful mass artists. They have been receiving radical response while playing this summers Ozzfest. Eventually, this autumn they have the honour of opening for those inhuman dragons, forcing their modicum of metal into the hearts and minds of adolescent anarchists at sold out shows everywhere.

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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