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Story Of Jade - The Factory Of Apocalypse

=Staff's pick

Intro (Inside The Factory)
Factory Of Apocalypse
S.O.S. (Sons Of Satan)*
My Vein*
Devil Divine

Genre Thrash / Horror Metal
Bapho Matt
Tracks 5
Runningtime 18 Min.
Andy Gore
Bapho Matt
Release June 2006
Yndy T. Witch
Country Italy
Similar artists Notre Dame,(old) Savatage, Raise Hell

Somewhere between thrash and US Power is where we find the band Story Of Jade, with a horror twist to their lyrics. These guys from Tuscany, Italy put with The Factory Of Apocalypse out their first demo and according to themselves, their metal is called Extreme Horror Heavy Metal. Lyric wise they write on themes of horror in an old school comic/horror style or with an ironical twist about the vision people generally has on metal.

After the intro, the title track Factory Of The Apocalypse begins with mid-tempo thrashing and a feeling of early Savatage until the pace is increased and it gets a dose of Exodus as well. A good song with nice tempo shifts and a groovy thrash riffing that unfortunately does not reach all the way, the structure of the songs feels like things are piled on top of each other without that the elements working together that well. S.O.S. (Sons Of Satan) goes more or less in the same vein and mixes US Power with raw thrash but compared with the title track this works much better and feels to be more thought through. The music comes out tighter and the basic thrash guitar lines are precisely at their places.

Third song My Vein has a dark and a more aggressive edge, and besides the thrash there is also a vibe of death metal as well as some King Diamond influences. Probably it is with this approach Story Of Jade should continue to develop since this is by far the best song on the demo. On a demo containing four tracks you don't expect to find any fillers but with Devil Divine that is just how it feels, a non-saying ongoing mid-tempo track that despite its harder edge and its nice riffing does not stir up any emotions whatsoever with me. With their sound and horror oriented themes, Story Of Jade somewhat play in the same league as Swedish band Notre Dame that recently was put to rest, although Story Of Jade hold a much more straight line with their music.

This band has potential but there is a lot to work with here. The instruments are handled well but it is the song writing that need to be improved the most. I am not that fond of the harsh vocals either. Bapho Matt does not have a great voice but if the music is right it suits and serves the cause. Like with the track S.O.S. (Sons Of Satan), for example, where it works well. The Factory Of Apocalypse seems to be a good start as a first demo from a band that have all the possibilities to develop into something really good.






4,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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